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InterPlay as a Life Practice for Spiritual Leaders

Dear friends,

I am whoosing around the U.S. at the moment, caring for elders, teaching InterPlay, and hanging out with friends, old and new. I’ll soon head to Pennsylvania to colead Changing the Race Dance and then to Raleigh, Durham to colead a Dying to Live Tour and Cabaret introduction with my husband Stephen, the hospice chaplain. But, not before celebrating my birthday at home in my new Jingletown Art Studio on the edge of Oakland where I make playful shrines to anything I can lay my hands on.

This Fall I will again be leading the InterPlay Life Practice Program for Spiritual Leaders. What a joy to teach directly to the way an artful, playful, body wise consciousness informs spiritual intelligence. InterPlay was designed to engage body, mind, heart, and soul all together. Most powerfully, this consciousness doesn’t ask anyone to change or grow. How miraculous in such driven, product oriented, problem solving obsessed cultures.

InterPlay is recognized and taught by respected Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Religious Science, Wiccan, and Divine Feminine leaders. By focusing on the common ground of being bodies with extraordinary creativity and love, a Zen priest, a Rabbi, an Earth guided spiritual leader, a Pastor, Chaplain, Spiritual Director or Priest can explore a common wisdom that flows in unique and vital directions.

InterPlay’s elegant, easy creative practices allow us to move with more grace and ease even in landscapes filled with physical suffering. As mystics, blessed to serve, we explore the physical shifts between our roles, our direct relationship to the Highest Good, and just being ourselves. We pray and play as the whole bodies beings we are designed to be. As I like to say, “when we do this, it lights up the Motherboard!” All of creation become our playmates.

An opening and closing retreat at InterPlayce, eight online sessions, and 3 hour long spiritual direction sessions are included. The online visual and interactive sessions are similar to Skype. Zoom rooms allow participants to move together, be witnessed, learn and share in a present time community. It’s the easiest platform I know to get into meetings.  If you like you could explore the Online Dance Chapel to see if this would work for you.

Learn why InterPlay leaders are some of the best equipped for millennial, intergenerational collaboration, interfaith connection, and social justice. 

If you are interested in learning more about the program email me at cynthia@interplay.org. I’ll be offering an information session soon.

Opening & Closing Retreats: Oct 2-5, 2017 & April 9-12, 2018 • 8 online wisdom teachings: Tues 9–11 am PST • Oct 2017 – Mar 2018  Read more about the program on the InterPlay website. www.interplay.org,

A second time option for the online wisdom teaching is under consideration.

In the meanwhile, blessings on all your dancing, spirited leadership, and on the prayers you offer for so many!

Love,  Cynthia

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