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The Mystic Braid

I will mine my own tradition for in it my DNA best sings it’s fertile song. A tradition is not just a bunch of words and images. It is a deeply physical legacy, a root system of higher knowledge. 

I also take guidance from other traditions. Some wisdom is best revealed in another lineage. From it I look back into my own wisdom tradition and revel in how it appears there without my previously seeing it!

Many have more than one ancestral spiritual line. Thank goodness we have a lifetime to cherish and live into all that is in the wisdom braid. We don’t have to integrate everything, just appreciate each element, idea, principle as a complete art form. To make any human expression other than a single art form is idolatry. 

Today I bow to the hidden and revealed wisdom of so many lineages that dance in me, and particularly that of Christian Mystics inspired to love past convention. As I do I also quake with the horrors done in their name. Nothing is pure. Still, great love endures, apart from all we make. I trace the braid back to that knowledge again and again.

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