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This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it SHRINE!

It’s going to be a big shrining weekend for me.

As some of you know I have a shrine workshop in Jingletown near Alameda. Its been five years or so that kooky, wonder-filled shrines have been flowing out of me. 

The word shrine comes from the old English scrin “ark (of the covenant); chest, coffer; case for relics,” from Latin scrinium “case or box for keeping papers,” of unknown origin. From late 14c. as “a tomb of a saint” (usually elaborate and large). 

Someone said that “shrines are external representations of interior mysteries…showing in tangible form what might be happening in our hearts and spirits.” In my studio I have shrines to the turkey, to my alternate dream of a diverse fourth of July, to old holy cards, to India, and to Lewis Mahlman’s doll collection, the creator of Children’s Fairyland, puppet theater! This is the centerpiece of my space.

I love finding things to which I am attracted, both things mundane and that ooze with transcendence. I love accumulating containers, boxes, frames. I love watching objects compose themselves in 3-D testaments to mystery!  Most of all, I love curating the shrines as they engage people–the shy viewer, the over-stimulated shrugger, and the soul that feels absolutely inspired and at home in my mardi gras like soul menagerie.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday 12-6, I will be selling my old sole shrines and other arty items at Jingletown Art Studios. Jingletown Art Studios, 3001 Chapman St, Oakland.  I have several pieces up in the gallery, too.



This weekend I’m also building a communal advent shrine for my church, First Congregational Church of Berkeley– a Shrine of the Times. (Punster moment.)  The seasonal theme is Watch. This references the radical power of witnessing the new birth that could be as overwhelming as stars falling and trees greening. Check us out. 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA at 10 on Sundays.


Also on Saturday night I get to be enshrined in a book launch! Long time bay area dancers featured in a book called Beauty is Experience: Dancer 50 and Beyond Over Fifty will occur at InterPlayce from 6-8:30, 2273 telegraph Avenue. I’m one of the dancers which is like saying “InterPlay Rocks!”

You are invited to any and of this shrini-ness. Even if you cant come play, thanks for your witness. That’s how we enshrine someone we love, with eyes of wonder.