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DNA–Dancing Now and Always




A gift of this new year—a poem to the heartbeat of a call. With gratitude to the sage dancers who without fanfare feed the holy of holies by dancing.  


The Mystics of all religions say it’s true.

Even Scientists agree that DNA

Is Love Dancing Now and Always.

The dancing soulway is ever here.


All praise to the spiral dance encoding us

In zig zags of witness, the heat of drums

The breasts abloom with joy. Remember!

No one lays hold of this or any movement.


Hidden? Jesus said, “Who does not dance

Does not know what comes to pass.” [1]

Breath’s pink mystery dances beneath

The error that we are danceless, unwhole.


DNA! Dancing Now and Always! Divinity

Makes love to us, spins and raises us in

Haunting improvisations and dreams

To jolt us out of hell’s frozen disorder.


Till by unbelievable beauty an angel moves

To quake, grieve, awaken, beget us again

Poised with open arms to entrance us

Again and again through Love’s wide gate.



Give us courage to move, to invest in love’s

Singular work, to advance our daily prayer

Unharnessed from heavy want and duty

Never forgetting to return our DNA to You.


Cynthia Winton-Henry


[1] From the Apocryphal Acts of John written in 100 AD.