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Five Quotes on the Meaning of Life


“Let no one think that the birth of humanity is to be felt without terror. The transformations that await us cost everything in the way of courage and sacrifice. Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other.” Mary Caroline Richards


“There is no refuge from suffering.  But suffering has no refuge from love.  When love permeates suffering, day in and day out, suffering dissolves in love until only love remains.”  James Finley


“The only thing I know is this – I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.  God is not cool water to be drunk for refreshment.  God is fire.  You must not only walk on this fire, you must dance.  And when you have learned to dance on this fire, it becomes cool water, but until you learn to dance — my Lord, what struggle, what agony.”  Nikos Kazantzaks



“The one journey that ultimately matters is the journey into the place of stillness deep within one’s self. To reach that place is to be at home; to fail to reach it is to be forever restless. In contemplation we catch a vision of not only what is, but what can be. Contrary to what we have thought, contemplatives are the great doers.”   Gordon Cosby




“Both artists and children play life like a beautiful instrument for which there are no lessons save the playing itself. Play is an indigenous, primary form of being in the world, even of inventing the world.” Pat B. Allen “Art as a Spiritual Path” 


Thanks to Penny Hackett-Evans, Spiritual Director for this California Goddess.