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Please ignore this if your idealism is keeping you in good stead….

Carl Jung said, “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.”

For me? Ideals can turn on me, turn on others. They can be like crack, a kind of upper where I turn everything and everyone into a project. Visionary highs.

As a mystic with a “calling” I can even put God’s name on my ideals. This can turn me into a zealot, “a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.”

If you are suffering as your ideals are assaulted, consider joining me in the first step of recovery from addiction to Idealism: Admitted I am powerless over my ideals and that my life has become unmanageable. Click here for further reflection.

Once we peer into how we contribute to our own and others suffering through our attachment to outcomes and pictures, it is possible to find another way. We don’t have to give up our values, just our view of what is possible.  Body Wisdom is trying to tell us so.

Here’s a poem I wrote about my own situation.


Ideals are like Crack


My Tarot astrologer warned

“Your stars all say Bravo

but your martyr taunts you.”

Truly, this hyper-extended heart

is strung between a yawn

and a scream.


How to crack the old martyr code,

the demonic “I tried so hard

showed up for everything,

but where were you?” code?


The Body knows the sequence.

How DNA gets padlocked,

circles the current age

underscores the 11

carved between your eyes

and arrives back at nothing.

This is a code born of teachings

that say, “Your ideal is a compass.

has God’s name on it.

How can you go wrong?”




The “M” Code (see also Mother,

Minister, Manager, Mystic) has us

  1. a) Grip the ideal.
  2. b) Work hard.
  3. c) Be near saints of art and love

while spirit slowly gain weight and day by day a shadow world arises that resents all impediments, all inadequacies such as

         friends barely there

         structures, economies,

         industries, institutions

         family, lover, pets.

  1. d) Do drug deals with all that disappoints.

in a life dis-appointed by one’s self.



Admit Idealism is like crack

Addiction to ideals can foster

hate for a hateful world.

Hate for the real.

While life, uncaring,

resists all dictators.


How to recover?

Relax your grip.

Slyly free friends to walk away

Free hearts to grieve

Find a gentler purpose

Free home to be less than model

Free shame and fear as truth.

Free life from being ideal.

Then, continue to make shrines,

Make love, and if possible let go

long enough to wonder,

“What is ideal?”



Thank Heaven we can take a deep breath, shake, and find support.