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Healing the Split on Give InterPlay Day: The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence!

It’s Give InterPlay Day here in the Hidden Monastery. YAY!

When Phil Porter and I started InterPlay in 1989 we had a secret intent–­to heal splits.

We knew our lives were connected to everything especially when we danced.

Sadly, our culture splits body from soul, male from female from all genders, joy from suffering, white from color, work from play. Worse, most systems in place value one experience over the other.

Phil writes about the body, mind, heart, spirit split in Having It All, “Despite all the writing, preaching, and teaching going on in our culture right now about integrating the different parts of ourselves, no one questions these categories which we have used for so long to understand our experience. What if this system of categories is itself keeping us from having wholeness? What if it doesn’t really match our experience?”

To read more in Having It All by Phil Porter: Our Lives Are Full of Splits click hereA D V I C E Identify the splits in your life: it is the first step toward healing them.

The splits we must do don’t match up with what we know as bodies. All these splits are killing us and driving us crazy. They destroy our relationship with each other and earth.

It’s a lifetime project for Phil and me to put the practices and language back in place to honor that baseline truth we need in order to heal, the wisdom that heart, mind, and spirit are embodied realities.

Once people rediscover this a bright wholeness appears. I call it ensoulment. As we remember how we move, voice, tell, be still, notice, converse, reason, shape, swing, thrust, open, close, alone and with others a cumulative intelligence integrates and plays through us. The totality of all intelligence is Spiritual Intelligence.

This is what InterPlay offers. Today is Give InterPlay Day. InterPlay is the ground of this Hidden Monastery. 

Donate to InterPlay today Here. 

Mention the Hidden Monastery in your donationand  I’ll gift you the pdf of my unpublished book of poems Dancing on the
Dark Side of the Moon: Initiation poems on the wisdom of darkness, resilience and hope.

If Spirituality is your thing, consider my upcoming InterPlay based offerings:

The Fall-Winter InterPlay Life Practice Program for Spiritual Leaders

A one day workshop: May 5, 10-4 in Oakland Wanted! Creative, Spiritual Intelligence for Times of Change: InterPlay’s Approach to Unlock the Full Wisdom of the Body

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