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“Shimmering” -my end of year thank you

The Shimmering

I don’t know how it happens.

And I don’t know why.

But when we dance

angels rise with

an unforeseen eloquence

 that’s normally hidden behind

dishes, dots, screens, and scrapes.

Who will make the angels a chapel?

Who will say yes to body and soul,

to flower and stem bending,

reaching, falling, swaying 

in prayers beyond words,

light transmitting flesh to flesh,

nucleus to nucleus, leaping, spinning,

shimmering, stopping, dying only to re-emerge?

I will. I will make them a chapel beyond walls.

I will befriend dancers,

singers, artists,


musicians, dreamers,

soul tenders, beekeepers,

teachers, doctors,

all who seek love’s

electric pulse.


I will dance 

when I am new,

when I am ancient,

when I am crippled

and defeated

because angels and gods

must dance on earth

to keep the shimmering alive

in everything, everywhere, always,

especially inside of us lest we forget, lest we forget.

Yes, I will make a chapel again and again

right here in my soul.



To those of you who open these blog posts, who claim a dancing chapel in your heart, to those with whom I meet for soul tending, spiritual leaders in fierce times, you who InterPlay, to all whose soul is dancing, I bow like the flower above. Thank you.  

I especially want to thank Nancy Pfaltzgraf and Jane Siarny for tending the online dance chapel with me this year and to you who make your way there when you are able. Click the link if you need to call down the angels with us on a Thursday at 9:30 am PST or Monday at 5pm pst. See world clock to find your time.  Email me Cynthia@interplay.org for the link. It’s free. Don’t be too shy if you need the connection.

My efforts here are built completely on prayer. What a gift. Prayer for me is communing at the cellular level with our Divine Ground of Being. I call this our dancing ground as do many ancient people. It rises with rhythm, soul, and fire, and through our unique calls to timeless helpers. To support the way of ensoulment I will soon be offering A Course in Blessed    Initiations and Instructions for Body and Soul. I’m blogging about this in the coming weeks. But you can check it out now at https://cynthiawinton-henry.com/ensouled/.

If you were moved by the offerings of the Hidden Monastery this year and wish to contribute I humbly accept gifts as they help with tending the fires. Gifts could help me to hire some part-time help as my life takes on the dimensions of grandmothering and cohousing in the coming year. You can use a card here. Or go to my contact page for my address.

This time of year is a good time to release from connections or make changes for any reason. We all must go a way that is right for us. Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email with my love and blessings.

With Love (almost always) and good humor,    Cynthia



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  1. Pwll says:

    Love the poem and especially love:
    “Prayer for me is communing at the cellular level with our Divine Ground of Being.”
    Certainly helps me explain why I need to pray sometimes.

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