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Initiations Around Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is working even if you don’t know it! Purpose is keyed into our deep self or soul. Miriam Webster defines soul as “that which is believed to give life, a person’s deeply felt moral and emotional nature, the ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art, etc.”

I experience purpose as part of the greater GPS system. Divining purpose is how we key into “what we’re here to offer and learn, with whom, where, and what we have to be willing to put up with.” When soul is tuned in and honored, we feel true, necessary, and oriented,  fully plugged into the dance of life.

There is a difference between gifts, calls, and purpose. I remember clearly that as I matured a strange restlessness grew. What was wrong? I was using my gifts. Studying about initiations I came to realize that using your gifts isn’t enough. We are here for a purpose, but our deepest drive may not come naturally or be solicited by others. We have to really listen in for this area of initiation, clarity about our vision.

My life purpose is to foster freedom for all people and myself. I realize it’s a bit grandiose. One’s purpose can be simple and beautiful, like to care for Earth, make a home, or create a play space for kids.

Whatever else, getting clear on purpose seems to accelerate our initiations. In my case, I began to more intentionally confront oppression in order to find freedom from fear. As an idealistic visionary, I saw myself get agitated, self-righteous, defensive or worse. My passion overwhelmed equanimity, integrity, and balanced energy. Fortunately, my path is creativity and play! Humor, friendship, and love loosen my grip. I learn and grow while the challenges of freedom in me, my family, and socially aren’t any easier as I age. My responsibility and suffering increase with each year. There is no time out. Fortunately, I trust the sacred nature of purpose. I accept freedom as my koan, my nut to crack, a nut that resists any who try.

For this reason, to dance with purpose takes courage, the greatest mystery of all, the secret at the very heart of ensoulment. Courage is an entry and outgrowth of our initiations. We must discover that we are sourced each step of the way and learn to be grateful. Courage is about relationships and others who en-courage us in Holy ways. In my life, a Presence says, “I will provide for you.” I tune into the felt sense of this Spirit to anchor in my own guidance and the supportive body data and knowledge of others who dance with me in time, space, energy, and transcendent love.

This year I am offering support if you are seeking clarity of purpose and courage to love. Ensouled! Blessed Instructions and Initiations for Body and Soul is starting as early as January 25th. You will receive monthly installments of my curriculum with or without coaching. The very best is to travel with a small circle that includes support. I will comp you if you bring 4-5 others into your own monthly group.

P.S. I was in an InterPlay storytelling exercise. At the time we were in the presidential contest between Bush and Gore. The election was undecided and created anxiety when our leader prompted, “Talk for a minute about what you want politically.” I spoke to a partner about my fear of government-controlled human rights and my lack of political savvy. How I  felt angry and powerless. When the leader asked us to notice what is below our reactions. “What did we really want?” I sputtered, “I want freedom for myself and all people!”  That was the bell of purpose rang. My partners head nodded. It rang true for him too. As I clarified the poetry of my purpose “to foster the freedom for all people” today whenever I say or write it, I feel a deep resonance with life. Other people sense it too. Today, I use my gifts to support my purpose to unlock the wisdom of the body so that people can sing, dance, tell our truths, and rest in the garden of creation! In other words feel free to be ensouled! I continue to lean into struggles of liberation with great longing and love.

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