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Ensouled Course Starting Now! How to Get Credentialed as a Creative Soul.

Who is your spirit team? Where do you go when you don’t want to explain yourself as a Sensitive, Creative, Dreamer, Healer, Worrywart, Dancer, and Wisdom Worker?

If you are a sensitive, creative leader, you may feel overwhelmed as you strain for attunement in this world. You may be tired. What if these challenges are not your fault? You are attuning to people and systems that fundamentally disregard body and soul. In order to serve, sensitives need to be seen and recognized. You need resonance. You need credentialing in a community that gets you. Sensitivity is not a flaw in spiritual intelligence. It is a valuable gift that needs to be co-mentored at the same time as you support others.

To Find and Bless Your Soul Team is your Ultra Initiation! Without teams we struggle. To entrust our soul journey to a guide or group is like fertilizer! It is important to continuously give thanks to guides, muses, ancestors and soul companions as the foundation of our authority and the living stream from which our wisdom credentials flow. But this can be hard in our materialistic world. That is why I am forming small online wisdom groups Right NOW. These groups will soon be traveling together once a month for a year. 

We will explore 12 arts of ensoulment in my course: Ensouled: Blessed Instructions and Initiations for Body and Soul.  The course includes monthly writings on a key initiation, a video about the initiations that spirited leaders encounter, and the opportunity to share in a small group, a lifeline for raising the energy of our work. (If you can’t meet in a small group you are welcome to meet with me one to one.)

Are you ready to put spiritual intelligence first? This is the stuff of spiritual heroes, people of deep courage, skill, and faith. We are here to ride the waves of life, find the beauty way, stay true to love, accept our challenges and keep attuned to soul as our primary guide.

Stephen Covey, dynamic educator, called spiritual intelligence “the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences, because it becomes the source of guidance for the others. In Thinking with your Soul author Dr. Richard N. Wolman, clinical psychologist at Harvard Medical School shares the PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory (PSI). In it, he lifts up seven predictable ways that spiritual intelligence grounds in experience: Divinity, Mindfulness, Extrasensory Perception, Community, Intellectuality, Trauma, and Childhood Spirituality.” Cindy Wigglesworth, ED of Deep Change, calls spiritual intelligence “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity) regardless of the circumstances.” Wisdom and Compassion compose the two pieces of loving behavior. She sees spiritual intelligence in 21 skills including the ability to

  • Be Aware of One’s Own and Others Worldview,
  • Align to One’s Life Purpose with Compassion and Wisdom,
  • Become Aware of Ego Self and HigherSelf
  • Feel Interconnected with All Life
  • Engage Mystical or Unitive Experiences,
  • Sustain Faith Even During Dark Nights of the Soul,
  • Seek Guidance From Universal Consciousness,
  • Become a Wise and Effective Change Agent,
  • Become a Calming, Healing Presence,
  • Align with Natural Timing in the Ebb and Flow of Life

As a lifetime ensoulment tracker, deeply curious about how things work, I hope my discoveries will support, clarify and even accelerate your body wisdom practices as you support others to grow into full spiritual adulthood.

Get on the waiting list for an upcoming group. Or consider meeting with me for a brief 30-minute consultation to check in about what kind of body and soul support would best serve you.

Groups are forming now and in the future. Let me know if you are interested. There is also an option to meet with me one to one instead of being in a group. Link here for details.



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