Dance Chapel– “a spiritual gift of enormous magnitude. Free from words. Connection without effort. Acceptance. Upheld.”



I am about to publish an essay on the body wisdom of sacred hope, rage, and despair.  Yup, that’s the time we’re in.


One of the things I know is that the InterPlay practice grounds me in hope. Any time I link body and soul in dance and song in a community I feel like I’ve made it to the lifeboat.  Some of us in the online dance chapel are now devotees.


Ruth Showalter said this,


I have been attending Dance Chapel regularly for three to four years and the practice has become deep and profound for me. Although I grew up in a loosely-held Christian household and went on a gargantuan religious quest from 15 to 30, I came up empty handed – no particular faith practice. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person, but I find verbal prayer exceedingly difficult to do. 

Dance Chapel with Cynthia gives me the freedom to move in prayer in a group body (albeit an online group body). Playing and praying around with my bodyspirit truly unlocks a deeper wisdom – one that thankfully in InterPlay I don’t have to articulate. I can pray at a nonverbal level and experience love at its most simple level – almost molecular. Think of all of us as pure energy – atoms bumping into one another across time and distance – connecting with God and one another.

I’m also a visual person. After these dance chapels, during which someone listens to my concern and dances a prayer on my behalf, I take away the image I witnessed of that person’s dance on my behalf and carry it with me into my life. Like a beautiful flower, that image keeps unfolding and blossoming (image a white rose or magnolia). 

Ultimately, I am strengthened by my ongoing attendance of Dance Chapel. It is a spiritual gift of enormous magnitude in my life. Free from words. Connection without effort. Acceptance. Upheld.”


If you would like to attend I can put you on the list for reminders. You’ll get the link and anytime you need a raft, some company, or affectionate prayer in your life, Nancy Pfaltzgraf, Jane Siarny, and I will be there on Mondays at 5pm pst and Thursdays at 9:30 pst.






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