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Self-Care Playbook for Mystics and Sensitive Leaders: A Year on the Art of Ensoulment

In the coming days, how will you, as a mystic and sensitive leader, dance in body, mind, heart and soul? How will you stay true to the ethic of love, play, and your sacred relationship with life without succumbing to fear, despair, or rage?

I invite you to spend the coming year, starting in January, on your Glorious Life. Learn the things that mystics and sensitives need now more than ever. 

I’ve spent the last decade designing these 12 Online Workshops to help you track and lead the way to ensoulment. Workshops always include time for movement, voice, storytelling, and stillness.

In addition to a monthly two-hour workshop. you’ll receive chapters from The New Self-Care Playbook for Mystics and Sensitives, occasional Videos, and a Forum for Online Community Support. You can consider adding monthly coaching to address your unique experience. If you have been working with me, I am going to give you a big discount to continue to study and practice.

You’ll meet leaders who know the challenge of mysticism and leadership to share with us as we go along!

Purpose of the Course

To be ensouled is to dance the wise beauty of the cosmos. This is not an individual task. All of Life initiates and teaches us our place in the dance. To be centered in your Soul is to know your challenges as initiations.

To find the blessings of the dance depends on how you meet your initiations. You do not have to be perfect. You only have to dance.

The dance of ensoulment is a journey of fully opening to the joy and suffering of your human body. As you do you attune to the physicality of your Soul. It’s here that you gain strength to endure, rejoice, and know peace. A big secret is that Nature, Dance, Song, and Sacred SIlence are the fastest ways to sense soul or what some call fundamental consciousness.

The ancient initiations into embodied wisdom can be tricky to find. That is why I created the Hidden Monastery, to make it a teeny bit easier to practice the artful dance of body AND soul.

This course attunes you to

  • your primal desires of body and soul: to create, play and rest
  • your readiness to heed the Three Directives: efficiency of energy, clarity of vision, and courage to love.
  • 12 arts in the dance of ensoulment and how to practice them.
  • your spontaneity as the signature of your free will, and how to return synergy and synchronicity to center stage.

To enroll for this year-long course send your deposit of $80.00 to
Cynthia Winton-Henry at  2273 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
or through PayPal . I also accept Venmo payments.

You’ll receive monthly module documents, videos, and coaching support starting in January.  Time TBA. I’ll arrange your monthly coaching appts with you when you enroll.

  • $80/month includes a monthly online workshop
  • $120/month include one-to-one monthly coaching

To repeat this program I’ll discount the course. And, I suggest one to one coaching as most of us need ongoing support with these 12 initiations.



12 arts in the dance of ensoulment and how to practice them.

Your Core Lifeiations

Initiation One: If You Don’t Pray It Can Kill You: Invoke Your Soul TeamCommunity, Teachers, Ancestors, both seen and unseen. Honor them, and you will be on your way to supportive, divine initiations.

Initiation Two: Don’t Count on Your iPhone for Wisdom: Activate Your Real Flow-Power the power to move, tell, voice, and just be. Upload the unique hidden and visible gifts that generate the flow that allows you to listen in and learn from mystery.

Initiation Three You Really Here Are Here On Purpose–You just need to differentiate your gifts, calls, and your needs to divine your purpose. Put on your seatbelt as you activate the poetry of the purpose shining through your soul credentials.

Initiation Four: Don’t Get Over Yourself, Be Human: Bow to Your Human Limits– Everything from this point forward embraces death and appetite as part of body wisdom. All you have to do is practice the art of bowing.

Initiate Your Super Powers

Initiation Five: Denounce Forced Integration and the Socialization of Bigger and Higher is Better–Learn to InterPlay Between Your Big and Little Bodyspirit, Honor Ordinary Life and Find Serenity.

Initiation Six: Break Out of Old Narrow Ways of Seeing that Inhibit Soul to Claim Your Soul Sight– Your brain sees in all directions. Practice seeing from both your higher and your ordinary self using your mystic gyroscope.

Initiation Seven: Recover from Being Overly Responsible for Things You Cannot Change: Know Your Body And Release Things Inside You That Are Not Yours– Honor mirror neurons. Practice shaking and dancing to neutralize, cleanse connections.

Initiation Eight: Refuse Getting Boxed In: Enjoy and Balance Your Power Centers and Enneagram Points– Check in with your Kundalini Driver, Belly Collaborator, Heart Organizer, and Crownstar Visionary. Use the EQ quiz to foster a more beautiful dance across all nine points of the Enneagram.

Initiation Nine: Liberate yourself from the Western Clock, Take Your Time & Take Your SpaceSlow down and speed up time. Learn how to expand and contract physical space and enjoy life.

Your Sacred Interactivity

Initiation Ten: No Trespassing, even those who love me, Tend Your Sacred Cords and Body Agreements. Are you troubled by your relationships? We’re connected kinesthetically, in an energetic field alive with cords. Rules of engagement across systems, seen and unseen, are needed to respect your body wisdom.

Initiation Eleven: Navigate Worst Nightmares of Shunning, Rage, and DespairBuild Your Courage to Love. Attach to Guidance that loves your highest good. Learn What it is to Trust Your Power. Dance 5 Dynamics of Change: Instead of trying to let go, invite bodies to play with change.

Initiation 12 Play as if Life depended on it: Dance with Your Magical Spontaneous Hook-Up. Play the Field– Use your Heart Mic. Practice the art of ecstatic following Connect and drop connections. Stream the Field. Direct your kinesthetic imagination to track soul.

With you in the mystic and everyday dance both hidden and revealed,

Link here to enroll.


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