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Why I teach the Gifted and Sensitive Workshops

I thought I’d share why i teach about being gifted and sensitive and why I believe it’s important for the present and future. More than self-care, the body wisdom of sensitives is rooted in world care.

Curious? I recommend Dr. Elaine Aron’s documentary, Sensitive, The Untold Story,  featuring Alanis Moriessette and chosen as one of 30 best documentaries available on Amazon


Intro Workshops coming up
Tuesday October 19th 10-
11:30 Pacific
or Thursday November 4th, 2-3:30 Pacific

REGISTER at https://forms.gle/B9qcHC11KcF6etxz6


One in five people is statistically more sensitive. We feel more, sense more, think more, and notice more. This is a gift of nature.


Earth has you in mind as part of the grand plan. The first step is to end the shame we feel for not fitting in.


Sensitivity, like gender, is not an option. In this minority we get” othered.” We hide our incredible gifts, the very medicine that Earth needs now. If you or someone you know might be a member of the “One-In-Five” Club” this workshop offers strategies that make sensitivity understandable, manageable and more fun. In this workshop, you get the 24-page intro to the Self-Care Playbook for Mystics and Sensitive Leaders.

  • You’re Not Sick, You’re Sensitive!
  • Recognizing the 1-in-5
  • How to Make Sensitivity More Fun
  • Playing with Initiations and the Nature of Life
  • How to Be Credentialed

Meet live on zoom or view the recording at your convenience. | Once you register I’ll send the login and pdf. You’ll receive the recording after the workshop.

Cost for Workshop, recording, and pdf $25 Total Add a discounted Individual session for another $50. All offerings available at lower prices.


Sensitives need mentors, community and tools to bring our art, wisdom, and consciousness into communities that need us.  That is why i created the Art of Ensoulment Year Long Course and self-care playbook for Mystics, Artists and Sensitives. Link here to learn more.



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