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Still time to join the Gifted and Sensitive Body Workshop

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Gifted and Sensitive Body workshop

Nov 4th 2pm Thursday with Cynthia Winton-Henry

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An early Christian saying insistently echoes in my mind. “Grant Love, that I might give thee choice gifts, three lit and dazzling torches- my mind, my body, and my spirit.”


Are you a gifted, sensitive body? One in five people statistically feels more, notice more, and need more than average care. Our experience is a gift, not a curse. Sensitives bear gifts of healing, wisdom, beauty, and prophetic voice. According to Dr. Thomas Boyce, emeritus professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisc sensitive kids require steadfast love, routines, celebrations of human difference, imaginative play, recognition, expression of our true self, and opportunities to balance fear with mastery.


In difficult times I propose that sensitives also need 

  • To tap a sustaining power greater than ourselves
  • To reframe challenges as initiations rather than problems
  • To move in order to clear unhealthy sensations
  • To credential the unique purpose and gifts of sensitives
  • To find a like-minded, affirming community

This workshop will support you to claim and nourish sensitivity on your behalf and behalf of others.



Also consider an upcoming workshop that strengthens Courage to Love.

Dancing with Hard Stuff Workshop
Initiated by Holy Rage, Despair, Fear and Hope 

Wednesday, November 17, 2-3:30 pm pst.

Register here to receive zoom link, pdf, and recording.

Humans are at a crossroads. Leaders are tired. Grief swells insurmountably high. Injustice presses down. Decades of training in self-help, inner work, and self-care might not be enough. In this workshop, I offer body wisdom to navigate our worst nightmares and grow in sacred Hope.Rage and despair are initiations. Our task is to make them holy by being in right relation with powerful emotional truth, grounded in sacred relationships.
Yes, it helps to dance! But, dance with what? Come find out.






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