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Free SACRED Dance Guild Event – Dance: Sacred Art of Ensoulment

Have you heard of the Sacred Dance Guild?  


The Sacred Dance Guild initiated me into my life’s work. I’m forever grateful and happy to lead one of their upcoming Guild Sacred Sundays on zoom.

The Sacred Dance Guild serves as a “spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization with a commitment to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit.” They describe sacred dance as “any type of dance that is done with an intention to connect with or communicate something about the sacred, however that may be understood by the dancer or the choreographer.”

February 13, 2022- 4:30 pm pacific/7:30 pm EST – check local times!!


In their free, weekly  SACRED SUNDAY online gatherings, dancers can be  “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“! The live-from-our-living room-sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings.

I will introduce Dance: The Sacred Art of Ensoulment” under the theme of Attunement.

Join a journey of discovery as we honor body and soul and tap into four artful wisdoms that align humans to the sacred in all things, no matter what! In the dance we’ll welcome our spiritual support, creative birthrights, divine purpose, and a way to bow to suffering by dancing on behalf of one another.

To register email pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “Sacred Sunday – Ensoulment” in the subject line. 

The InterPlay-based practices are found in Dance: The Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice.












  1. Coletta Eichenberger says:

    I’ll plan to be there. It’s been way too long since I’ve connected with SDG!
    Thanks for putting this out there!

    LOVE the Body and Soul photo! Wow! The three of you played such a significant role in setting me on a path to believing I’m a dancer and an artist!!

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      So grateful for the guides, teachers, and all the dancers committed to organizing as a community. Doug Adams, may your name be blessed.

  2. Karen Mackie says:

    So great to see this photo Cynthia — Phil with a full head of hair –wow!. I too found my way to Interplay through a first contact with you and Carla Di Sola at a Sacred Dance Guild at PSR way back when. It would be lovely to reconnect to it through this event. Thank you for posting this invite….see you there

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