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Soul Emergencies: Navigating our Mental Health Crisis

I share my expertise and theories for navigating sensitivity and mental health demands in a time of evolutionary change and extreme demands. My thoughts are especially concerned for youth and young adults as they navigate unprecedented initiations or what I think are Soul Emergencies.  See the note below this video




Stephen Porgas writes in The Polyvagal Theory that “to connect and co-regulate with others is our biological imperative. We experience this imperative as an inherent quest for safety that can be reached only through successful social relationships. In which we co-regulate our behavior and physiology.” 


African wisdom teacher Malidome Patrice Some wrote in The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual and Community, “without a ritual structure, people undergoing a natural emergence of spirit within often feel as if they are going crazy or are imagining things…community provides a safety net in which a person can rest until he or she has become reintegrated.”  

REST UNTIL SHE OR HE HAS BECOME REINTEGRATED>. Yes, more rest is needed for us all.


  1. Jan Szostek says:

    Your sharing of wisdom as it relates to young people and highly sensitive people in these times is helpful. The idea of learning to manage our “second brain” with technology as an added stress makes sense. And the four points for young people, of all ages really, supporting our bodies and our souls, is welcome advice.

    My question is how do we bring the spiritual communities that are part of our spirit team to an understanding and integration of neurodivergence and highly sensitive people? How can that 5% be of service if they themselves do not feel validated in themselves?

    • Cynthia says:

      Thank you Jan,

      The wisdom needed to promote holistic intelligent health is a wisdom of seduction. Real change happens body to body. Think Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King.To educate using the same left brain approaches is opposite to the wisdom needed for long term mental health. This is the challenge we are in with patriarchy. Indigenous, creative, divine feminine, earth based approaches tend toward non-violent, non-authoritarian collaboration. Deep change happens in the body, not in the mind. The question we must answer is what do body and soul want? I am fully aware of writing this as Putin lays waste to beauty, love, health, life and wisdom for his own people, and all others. Where there is urgency and catastrophe, change of behavior is hardest. The good news is that it is also most necessary. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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