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The Grace Intention









In the candlelit temple

of my heart,

I worship silence

and possibility.

I worship solitude

and simplicity.

It’s a small place,


No priest or goddess,

only a quiet


to become.

Just to become.

To become


who I am.

To gather

the congregation

of my interior life,

welcome them all,

just as they are.

Sit together

with myself

on the floor

of my heart

until someone

starts to dance.


            ~Penny Hackett-Evans




  1. Richard Citrin says:

    Let’s boogie! I like that quiet place inside of myself and have to be careful not to hide out there as a way of avoiding. Dancing, first in the dark, and then into the light helps take me away from that place, knowing that I will return, perhaps sooner than I even want.

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