Special invitation to learn from Marla, Native American InterPlay leader, healer, and guide

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 There is a special opportunity this week with Marla Durden, a native American InterPlay leader whose family is of Choctaw, Blackfoot and Cherokee lineage. I am deeply moved that Marla trusts her ancestors and the Hidden Monastery to share her love and wisdom at this time. She brings fruits from her life-long study of sacred wisdom, subtle energy healing, shamanism, BioGeometry, integral spirituality, alchemy, circle leadership, facilitation, InterPlay and more. 
I will be attending her 7 week class on the Sacred Tree of Life: Dancing through the Wisdom of the 7 Chakras through the Hidden Monastery. June 1- July 27. Link for more info. 
Cost $175 with scholarships available

Meeting ID: 713 101 8998

Passcode: wedance

Wednesday May 25 9 pacific
I asked Krista Gemmel Harris about her experience in Marla’s Dance Chapels. She said, “I feel my heart singing, my body’s edges expanding, my sense of hope brightening.  Marla is a wise, caring bodyspirit who graciously weaves together her extensive and varied trainings and life experiences into a ministry of healing and love.  Marla takes me to deep, uplifting, and spacious places within myself self and in inter-connection with others.  I am excited about participating in her upcoming Sacred Tree and the Seven Chakras class!”


For More information contact Marla at modernrootwoman@gmail.com

Cynthia Winton-Henry

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