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Snippets and Murmurs: Making Sense in Times Like These


Dear Embodied Hearts and Dancing Souls, 

Monisha Mittal, Tuesday Dance Chapel leader shares her body wisdom with those who attend her Divine Poetry and Movement Chapel. Email minicunning@gmail.com to receive her weekly invitations. I am so inspired by her offerings. Love, Cynthia

“What kind of times are these, Adrienne Rich asks. Interesting times, at least in my American world. Whatever is moving through me comes in murmurs. I reach out in my usual way but all that comes back is snippets. Snippets of poems. Nothing whole. Maybe it a time of snippets only. These murmurs feel like plaits of hair but I’m not sure how they want to be weaved.

Snippet 1: My husband’s core wound has been triggered since last Friday. The wisdom that has come up is the Pause in between our inhale and exhale. It has to do with Power. We’re also processing Power from External Authority since the Friday Suprement Court ruling. The question of Power and Powerlessness has come up to my awareness. And its lead me to this Pause. In the middel of our breathing. Its so funny how we much we (humans) think we need to Control ….everything. And yet in that Pause we surrender over to a Higher Power (different power?) that breathes us. What manna is this? Its in this surrender that we are nourished, sustained, empowered. Its in letting Go of outcomes that we are magically supported in them. We can affirm this in our bodies.

Snippet 2: I need this nourishment. But as clear as I am that I am now living in a different reality I also notice….I have an instinctual response to fighting the Power of External Authority. Its cool. I love this about me. But I have lived long enough to know this is Not necessarily sustainable depending on the Shape this fight wants to take. I need sustenance. From this Pause I get to Ask, What is Mine to do?  Without expectation or control. This is the only way to Stay in my Body.

Snippet 3: and somehow this takes me back to the Simple. How radical it is to be ourselves. Just Emanating our Being,  in the now, aligned between inner and outer action…maybe I don’t need to gird my loins (which is how I lived EVERY DAY great goddess in my twenties). Maybe my Power is expressed Simply, in every moment of my expression. Maybe this is true for each of us. Maybe I give up on the Government. Maybe I turn to you and you turn to me. Maybe we just be extra Clear with each other. 

Snippet 4: And this brings me to a feeling of Savoring. Of being on top of a hill looking at both halves of my life. Breathing in Gratitude for everything that lead me here and bowing with an open heart to what lies ahead. 

Today in Tuesday Dance Chapel, we will bow to this invisible process inside of us that sorts through our snippets and let’s us take our steps with a whole heart. I do not know exactly which snippets of poems I will share (ha ha ha) but I will lead a meditation for our Sustenance through it all.   

Come!  Allow yourself to dance, be danced for; hold something with love and be held with love;  and BE with whatever is unfolding for you. What might you notice, feel or receive in this moment?”

I will read from the following:
Too Often Forget, Jim Johnston
What Kind of Times are These, Adrienne Ric

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