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The Sacred Festoon!

Humans seem to always festoon themselves for sacred occasions. It’s high play to take on supernatural beauty. Within us is a Holy Otherness, as more than meets the eye! That’s why its good when ritual moments allow us to express something true yet often hidden.

I love ceremonial dress so much that I’ve made forays through thrift stores, collaging outfits that create sparkle, color, and texture. When I turned 60, one of my festoons made it into the book Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond! edited by Emmaly Wiederholt, To see some of the lovely elder dancers check out the article. 

Now that I think of it dance is a way we festoon divine beauty!

I need joy, beauty. and good humor right now. That is why I am inviting you to Festoon with me in a Solsticey Celebration: 

The F E S T O O N!! 

Mon. Dec 19th, 2:30-5:30 PT

Join me, Ruth Showalter, and special guests in a combo art retreat, credentialing ceremony, and end of year ritual.


If life initiated you this year we’ll credential you.
If you climbed a Mount Everest, we’ll ticker-tape you.
We’ll hoot for what you made and Boo the things that hurt.
If you barely woke up, we’ll support you to enter a new year.

You don’t have to get fancy or wild if you don’t want. Think paper chain prayers and dots on your face.

The schedule:
2:30 pm pst Gather
3-4 pm Creatively Festoon Yourself
4-4:30 Share and Pause
4:30-5:30 Ritual to celebrate what we created in 2022. 
Bowing to what crumbled.

$25 donation/
Free for Art of Ensoulment &
Dancing Center.



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