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I am an irrepressible enshriner. One woman said my studio reminded her of New Orleans!


Shrines hold a place for memory
to remember a loved one.

Shrines can be added to or subtracted from
like and altar.

Shrines may disintegrate and re-integrate back into the earth.

The shrines below are made from natural and found material. You can add to a shrine over time which makes them living memorials.  They should eventually recede into the landscape.

I also love to draw and doodle even on baby dolls, hence Tattooed Baby Saints.

My kid was adamant about her right to confer marks of initiation on her skin, a rite denied by her elders.  I started finding baby dolls at thrift stores. As a sharpie pen fan, I’d touch their “skin” and think, “Oooo that would be fun to “tattoo.” The first mark felt sacrilegious, something that only God, love, or life should allow. Would this ruin the baby? How could it?

I don’t believe we’re blank slates. We come into life full of generational, genetic, and spiritual legacies. From there our early childhood experiences imprint us. So, Here’s to babying our crazy selves with the art of it all!


When my daughter turned 18 she said “Mom, I want to get matching tattoos with you!”. So we did! The healing hand of Interplay is now a permanent part of our bodies.

tattoo duo


Make Prayer Cards.Laminate icons of the holy–
male, female, animal, and whosevers on playing cards.

Goddess Cards

Make Love Arrows:  Wrap an arrow with a love note,
Plant it in the ground of the one you love.


Create Dresser Prayers: Greet the day with simple words: Good Morning!


Mary Kuder inspired me to paint on silk.
Visit her at her Linked in Page.

family name

Mary’s Studio

Bright Colors, indeliable ink, watercolor paper. I love that combo.
I use it for poetry and for notetaking.
I have whole collections of sharpie art that record the journeys I am on.

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