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Author: cynthia winton-henry

Cofounder of InterPlay, executive director of Body Wisdom, Inc, author and coach for body and soul at Mystic Tech, helping others to listen as deeply as possible for solutions and directions by unlocking the wisdom of the body for peace, community, fun, and health. Art, writings, keynotes, online teaching, and retreat and conference leadership.

“A Coming out” Letter to the Hidden Monastery


December 2021


Dear Friends,


After much consideration, I decided to come out. It’s hard to confess how horrible 2021 was for me. The world, too, seemed to shine with a particular horror as I coached highly sensitive, creative, soulful leaders. Even for those with great healing gifts, play, and love, it’s just been hard. Maybe that’s why at the end of the year I called in the pink fairies, elves, and god-us-ess. Horror warrants its winsome opposite. How else can I make it?


What I am about to share is held alongside a multitude of graces! For instance, I successfully left my Executive Director job as the cofounder of InterPlay with supreme gratitude and satisfaction. My creativity, joy, and family remain intact. Christmas morning brought blessed serenity. My daughter and son-in-law decided to legalize their marriage.


Still—-Six months ago my daughter nearly died from heroin. Her opioid use started with a prescription in her teens for a back injury. Addiction runs in her birth family and my family tree, too. People with the genetic predisposition need forms of pain management other than addictive substances!


Sadly, our journey is not unusual, especially for the one-in-five humans who are highly sensitive. Neuro-sensitivity leads us to feel more, sense more, notice more, and care more. In the face of danger, we move toward mastery and when that doesn’t work to deaden or lift our spirits, we may transform into healers and activists who raise the flags in times of trouble. Too often, we overdo, over-adapt, and overextend. We isolate. We fight too hard. That’s why we’re the ones who also teach and find solace in meditation, contemplation, art, and play.


Sensitivity is a blessing and curse….(Continue to full letter here.)


End of Year “Holy Pause” Visioning Retreat

Enjoy a holy pause to release 2021 and prepare for 2022

with Cynthia Winton-Henry & Ruth Showalter

In the lucky dark no light to guide, Except for my heart, this fire inside” -St John of the Cross

December 22, 1pm-6pm pacific

Register Here

To prepare, bring a candle, and materials for art or writing.


Join creatives in the Hidden Monastery to pause and listen to body and soul.
We’ll move, breathe, sing and take space for rest, art-making, writing and listening.

Invocations and Candle lighting
Movement Warm up and Meditation
Dancing Hand Practice with Ruth Schowalter
Space for Creating
 Witnessing and Blessing the Visions

Contribute 45.00 or as able, no one turned away



Still time to join the Gifted and Sensitive Body Workshop

Get oriented for the coming year

Gifted and Sensitive Body workshop

Nov 4th 2pm Thursday with Cynthia Winton-Henry

Here is a time zone converter for your use
Can’t attend? I will send the recording

Register Here

An early Christian saying insistently echoes in my mind. “Grant Love, that I might give thee choice gifts, three lit and dazzling torches- my mind, my body, and my spirit.”


Are you a gifted, sensitive body? One in five people statistically feels more, notice more, and need more than average care. Our experience is a gift, not a curse. Sensitives bear gifts of healing, wisdom, beauty, and prophetic voice. According to Dr. Thomas Boyce, emeritus professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisc sensitive kids require steadfast love, routines, celebrations of human difference, imaginative play, recognition, expression of our true self, and opportunities to balance fear with mastery.


In difficult times I propose that sensitives also need 

  • To tap a sustaining power greater than ourselves
  • To reframe challenges as initiations rather than problems
  • To move in order to clear unhealthy sensations
  • To credential the unique purpose and gifts of sensitives
  • To find a like-minded, affirming community

This workshop will support you to claim and nourish sensitivity on your behalf and behalf of others.



Also consider an upcoming workshop that strengthens Courage to Love.

Dancing with Hard Stuff Workshop
Initiated by Holy Rage, Despair, Fear and Hope 

Wednesday, November 17, 2-3:30 pm pst.

Register here to receive zoom link, pdf, and recording.

Humans are at a crossroads. Leaders are tired. Grief swells insurmountably high. Injustice presses down. Decades of training in self-help, inner work, and self-care might not be enough. In this workshop, I offer body wisdom to navigate our worst nightmares and grow in sacred Hope.Rage and despair are initiations. Our task is to make them holy by being in right relation with powerful emotional truth, grounded in sacred relationships.
Yes, it helps to dance! But, dance with what? Come find out.






Why I teach the Gifted and Sensitive Workshops

I thought I’d share why i teach about being gifted and sensitive and why I believe it’s important for the present and future. More than self-care, the body wisdom of sensitives is rooted in world care.

Curious? I recommend Dr. Elaine Aron’s documentary, Sensitive, The Untold Story,  featuring Alanis Moriessette and chosen as one of 30 best documentaries available on Amazon


Intro Workshops coming up
Tuesday October 19th 10-
11:30 Pacific
or Thursday November 4th, 2-3:30 Pacific

REGISTER at https://forms.gle/B9qcHC11KcF6etxz6


One in five people is statistically more sensitive. We feel more, sense more, think more, and notice more. This is a gift of nature.


Earth has you in mind as part of the grand plan. The first step is to end the shame we feel for not fitting in.


Sensitivity, like gender, is not an option. In this minority we get” othered.” We hide our incredible gifts, the very medicine that Earth needs now. If you or someone you know might be a member of the “One-In-Five” Club” this workshop offers strategies that make sensitivity understandable, manageable and more fun. In this workshop, you get the 24-page intro to the Self-Care Playbook for Mystics and Sensitive Leaders.

  • You’re Not Sick, You’re Sensitive!
  • Recognizing the 1-in-5
  • How to Make Sensitivity More Fun
  • Playing with Initiations and the Nature of Life
  • How to Be Credentialed

Meet live on zoom or view the recording at your convenience. | Once you register I’ll send the login and pdf. You’ll receive the recording after the workshop.

Cost for Workshop, recording, and pdf $25 Total Add a discounted Individual session for another $50. All offerings available at lower prices.


Sensitives need mentors, community and tools to bring our art, wisdom, and consciousness into communities that need us.  That is why i created the Art of Ensoulment Year Long Course and self-care playbook for Mystics, Artists and Sensitives. Link here to learn more.



Workshop on Life Purpose

If you want support for your next steps this workshop offers that and more!

March 25th, 1pm–4:30 pm pacific
Online Workshop with Cynthia Winton-Henry

I love the magic that happens when we tune in to the poetry of purpose!  It’s alive in us all the time. The power to speak and align to our purpose can more deeply clarify and support self understanding and planning.  

Purpose is one of our key initiations because it isn’t the easiest thing. It’s our deepest longing.

In the booklet I’ll send from the Art of Ensoulment Self-Care Playbook, you’ll see the process that I uncovered in clarifying my own purpose. So many surprises.

This workshop offers the great advantage of being led and having witnesses who affirm your path.

Get the full pdf with exercises
$79/$55 low income and Ensoulment participants

Register Here

Divining Life Purpose

March 25th
1pm to 4:30 pm pacific

includes the full pdf with exercises
$79/$55 low income and Ensoulment participants
Register Here


Good news! You don’t need a mission statement to live from purpose.
The purpose of humanity is to create, play and rest.

However, to more deeply divine purpose gives you a certain ease and can accelerate your journey in magical, daily ways. It’s not about explaining anything. It’s like truing to your inner resonance for guidance.

In this workshop you will differentiate between gifts, calls and purpose and open the gate of poetic life to explore the Who, Where, and How of Purpose.

Register Now to receive the pdf in your inbox.