Wisdom Circle

I love listening in to the wisdom of body and soul. As an artist, dancer, writer, and theologian what a joy it is to share research that resonates with others. 

Writing helps me synthesize the revelations that occur along the spiritual byways of dance, imagination, story, prayer, thought and conversation. I am happy to share my writing with The Dancing Center subscribers who receive monthly resources, prayer, and art gleaned from a growing trove of research and contacts. They also get discounts on workshops and retreats. Link here to join The Dancing Center.  

Here are three essays that answer some questions about living as a creative, sensitive mystic.

Find in my wisdom trove

* Changing the Race Dance in U.S. Religious Practice
* The Mystic Tech Coloring Book
*  Anne Hutchinson and the Grace Puritans
* The Circle Dance of Jesus: Dance Currents in Christianity
* Balance: CPR for Body and Soul
* Body Wisdom from the Tree of Life
* Snake Energy: Unleashing Coiled Power
* Pinecone Magic: Wow Factor of the Pineal Gland
* Trust and Letting Go
* Poetry on Dealing with Depression: Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon
* Death & Ancestry Technologies
* Spiritual Mojo: How to do the impossible: Hal Wint