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A Theology that begins in the Dancing Center

I love listening in to the wisdom of body and soul. As an artist, dancer, writer, and theologian what a joy it is to share research that resonates with others. 

Writing helps me synthesize the revelations that occur along the spiritual byways of dance, imagination, story, prayer, thought and conversation. I share my writing wisdom with Dancing Center subscribers in monthly letters that share resources, prayer, and art gleaned from a growing trove of research and contacts. Members also get discounts on workshops and retreats. Link here to join The Dancing Center.  

These three essays deal with living as a creative, dancing, and sensitive mystic.

In the coming months and years I will also share essays on

* Changing the Race Dance in U.S. Religious Practice
* The Mystic Tech Coloring Book
*  Anne Hutchinson and the Grace Puritans
* The Circle Dance of Jesus: Dance Currents in Christianity
* Balance: CPR for Body and Soul
* Body Wisdom from the Tree of Life
* Snake Energy: Unleashing Coiled Power
* Pinecone Magic: The Wow Factor of the Pineal Gland
* Trust and Letting Go
* Poetry on Dealing with Depression: Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon
* Death & Ancestry Technologies
* Spiritual Mojo: How to do the impossible: Hal Winton
and God, Sex, and Power.