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Mondays, 5pm PST and Thursdays 9:30 am PST Online Dance Chapel: Cynthia Winton-Henry & Nancy Pfaltzgraf


Fridays 10:30-12 Weekly InterPlayce Meditation in Oakland


April 4, Wed 9-12,  May 19, Sat 9-12
New! Online Contemplative Writers Retreats
Move Write Share $45 per session/or whatever you can pay.

Come if you do your best writing with others, if you need help getting going, or if you wonder if writing could be a spiritual path for you.

Receive gently structured support to move your wisdom. questions, and inspiration from body to page.  We begin with a body warm up and brief check in about life and our writing process. There are movement breaks, gentle coaching, and a period to share writing at the end.

My writing practice: Like many things I’ve learned by doing it and by reading a ton. I write everyday in a very disorganized way. Blogging keeps me connected. I love to write letters, emails,  and to correspond. Writing helps me organize and share my life experience, so much of which is wrapped up with theology, art and yes, mystical weirdness.

About me as a published writer:  In Latin publicare means to ‘make public. My first pieces were published in the 80’s with The Sharing Company through my mentor, Doug Adams He encouraged many sacred dancers to put our thoughts about dance to paper in short essays. We could finally read and learn from each other.

As body intellectuals and teachers Phil Porter and I self publish. In addition Move: What the Body Wants is published by Woodlake Press and Dance: A Sacred Art is published by Turner Publishing. I had an agent for my memoir, Chasing the Dance of Life. No one took it until John Mabry offered to publish it at Apocryphile Press.  He uses print on demand.I’ve made little money on these artifacts. To do so I’d have to carry them around and show them off like unruly children. Even though they are on their own, I hear that they are good medicine for people. They certainly have been good for me.

Words are beloved dancers in my life.


May 5th 10-4, Workshop: Wanted! Creative, Spiritual Intelligence To Meet Our Historic Time. InterPlayce in Oakland 
Cost: $20-$80 sliding fee

Though it’s a painful time in history there is an equally potent collective movement at play. Some call it evolutionary. InterPlay is part of it. 

Want a way to increase spirit and wisdom at work, school, or in community? InterPlay offers an inspired approach that honors diverse traditions and no tradition by focusing on the common ground, our bodies and the Earth’s Body. When we focus on our embodied practices doors open rather than close.

InterPlay uses active, creative practices to unlock the full wisdom of the body to keep joy, hope, and mental health in tact through times of change. We teach and learn the art of noticing, witnessing, and how to engage our human struggle and giftedness using art based practices, body-centered insights, lots of affirmation, and honor for the everyday wisdom of each body.

Cynthia Winton-Henry, InterPlay cofounder, believes that spiritual intelligence is the sum of all our our Intelligences: kinesthetic, emotional, spatial, cognitive etc.” and that it’s time to put them all together and link to the Greater Intelligence of the planet and Universe. When we access and combine our birthright intelligences of movement, voice, words, stillness, and reflection we create pathways of resilience instead of roadblocks.Come delight in a way to name and explore an evolutionary path.

June 22-24 Hidden Monastery Retreat Bay Area Enshrined!

Move, Share, Sing, Write, Make Art, Rest Where body and soul need no explanation, artfulness is natural and diversity and mystery are holy ground.  With the founder of InterPlay.

Friday 10:30-12
  Body Meditation at InterPlayce
Catered Lunch
Friday 2-6 Shrine Workshop: Jingletown Art Studio
Optional Dinner Out
Saturday 10-12:30 at InterPlayce Body Wisdom for Our Time: Sharing Practice
Lunch Out 12:30-2
2- 4:30 SpiritMarkings: Contemplative Art, Writing, Relfection.
5-6 Prayer Circle
Sunday 1230-3:30 Optional Excursion to Sausalito Labyrinth

Costs: $225  includes Friday Lunch.
Or select a Single Time below. No one turned away.
Friday Morning ($10-15) Fri Workshop $65 (includes materials) /Saturday only $95/Sunday only $35






















July 9-20 Oakland Art and Social Change Training for Millennials

August 9-13 InterPlay Leaders Gathering at Kirkridge Retreat Center in Pennsylvania

September 16-20 Alice Springs Campfire of the Heart, Australia

October 8-11 InterPlay for Spiritual Leaders Life Practice Program Oakland Retreat 

Nov 1-7 InterPlay at the Toronto Parliament of World Religions