Wisdom Council 2017

Wisdom Council 2017

What if you had a Wisdom Council, a monthly place to navigate and find guidance during these big currents of change, an online monthly circle attuned to Greater Forces, especially Love, in our personal, communal and planetary life.  Would it help you to tap collective Spiritual Intelligence among amazing artists, thinkers, and spirit people? Would you like to help bring wisdom forward in support, discernment and service?

My life is dedicated to bringing wise souls together to listen, collaborate, create, and uncover the guidance and practices we need. Each month I will host a time to welcome spiritual support, help group members check in and share spiritual sources, support one another and pray. I will also share my own resources.

Those in the Hidden Monastery share a visionary consciousness. Attending to the Great Turning from our homes, studios and the wild buzz of over-programmed lives, no one really knows how to proceed. Most of us are deeply concerned. I believe this time requires community partnership. We need to muster strength among those similarly guided to play, pray, and create this beautiful Earth Dance.

If body and soul and expressive arts are key to you, if you are sensitive grace maker psychically attuned to heaven, mystic cosmologies, dreams, unseen guides, ancestors, and Mother Earth, if you wonder how to support those around you this year as you build capacity to love, lead, create, and grow

………….please consider this your invitation to attend and explore a Wisdom Council.

To answer this invitation contact me by filling out the form below. 

When Will We Meet? The time will be set by the group as we look for a time that suits as many as possible.


Support: A $49.00 monthly contribution supports this practice.

Hidden Monastery Memberships: $110 includes all Hidden Monastery offerings: Dance Chapels, one to one sessions, and Wisdom Circles. (normally $175/month).