The Mystic Tech Support Team for Body and Soul

Single sessions and

  • monthly companionship with follow up prayer notes through email.
  • Access to Mystic Tech Modules on Mysticism and Embodied Practice
  • Letters from the Hidden Monastery.
  • a private facebook group to share prayers and art.
  • Participation in the Online Dance Chapel

Start with a free 30 minute session on the phone, skype, or in person where we welcome and support body and soul.

Single appointments are normally $85 or $75/month for ongoing support.

Cynthia Winton-Henry is cofounder of the international arts based community practice, InterPlay. As a theologian, teacher, and mentor, she’s authored books on somatic spirituality and taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and Sophia Center in Oakland. Known for her love of life and playfulness Cynthia’s purpose is to foster freedom and to witness others as beloved and whole.  She can assist you to

  • Embrace The Artist’s Path to health and healing through ritual, art, and play.
  • Honor your Gifted & Sensitive Body: Understand and play with your own energy. Learn ways to manage energy that isn’t yours.
  • Recognize and recover from the effects of systemic colonization of the body.
  • Attune to body wisdom to cultivate a wise relationship to time, energy, & effort.
  • Discover the crazy wisdom of your big and little body.
  • Stop fighting your purpose. Differentiate between gifts, calls, purpose, and shifting seasons of purpose. Find reassurance on why it’s fine not to articulate purpose.
    Email with any questions. She can also refer you excellent spiritual practioners in the areas of creativity, somatics, dream work, trauma, grief work, adoption, art and spirituality, and racial healing. See below

Donna Mazzola headshotDonna M. Mazzola is a passionate advocate of dreams and their ability to transform our waking life experience. As a dreamworker, she facilitates a projective dreamwork process with groups to uncover the wisdom of dreams. Donna provides individual coaching via Skype, phone or in-person. She welcomes processes that include poetry, journaling, SoulCollage®, art, active imagination, archetypal dreamwork, and intuitive body movement.  She is certified by the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work, a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and an InterPlay leader. Contact her at

nancy headshot

Nancy Pfaltzgraft supports individuals and groups using the four movement patterns [Focused Energy Balance Inventory].is a certified FEBI guide (Four Movement Patterns) She also teaches the InterPlay Body Wisdom Tools Online and leads the Hidden Monastery Interfaith Online Dance Chapel. Nancy studied Creation Centered Spirituality with Matthew Fox. Her interfaith work includes reconciliation work with Catholic and Protestant teens in Ireland and leading groups in the Dances of Universal Peace to build bridges between the world’s religious traditions. She has served as an ER, ICU and Surgery nurse, a Hospice Chaplain, pastor of progressive congregations, a retreat leader and a spiritual companion. To coach with Nancy email her at 

soyinka headshotSoyinka Rahim, GSP,  Grass Roots Spiritual Practionner and InterPlay leader, coaches individuals of all ages and backgrounds who seek self care as we move through trauma, changing the dance with racism and all isms that separate us from Love, especially youth in need of spiritual support. Soyinka honors ancestors, teachers & all beloveds authorized and initiated by Spirit and Life to be of service. Raised in an Afrocentric family that explored holistic thinking, power to the people, world religions, and many art forms, Soyinka offers movement, storytelling and ritual for children and adults. Her BIBO (Breathe in, Breathe Out) chants are available at CD Baby.  She offers one time & regular appts at or (510) 388-7166.

Ellen Atzilah Soloellen solott founded Homecomings: The Art of Creating and Relating to Home. She serves as a healer and guide to gently and playfully cultivate deep presence, satisfaction and joy. Her training includes a BA in Creative Arts, an MA in Somatic Psychology, and 13 years of training in Shintaido, an esoteric Japanese movement form based in the martial arts that taught her how to connect to the sky-wire. Seven years were in Japan. Ellen teaches Qigong and is certified in Chinese Soaring Crane.  Her contemplative studies include the tea ceremony, meditation, shiatsu, Interplay, Body Tales, Process Painting, Authentic Movement, Playback Theater, Action Theater, Community Dance Liz Lerman,  and Chant leadership through Rabbi Shefa Gold. Contact Ellen at (510) 388-7166.


Companionship for body and soul is a powerful tool for anyone who believes that life is holy and we are here for a purpose. 

To see i this is a fit try a free 30 minute session on the phone, skype, gotomeeting, or in person to explore and welcome body and soul using movement, voice, breath, story, and healing prayer. Honoring our spiritual lineages and direct connection with the Divine, together we seek spiritual guidance, tools, and wisdom that supports your unique journey.

Single appointments $85. Monthly Sessions $75
Sign Up Here or Email with questions.


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