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Some Praise…


–Rev Susanna Pain, priest, “What a gift, the spaciousness and creativity and generous listening you offer. Thank you.”

–Rev. Melinda McLain, pastor, “Cynthia is a treasured mentor, teacher, and colleague in the art of deep and playful living. She instills trust among diverse peoples and leads groups with tremendous skill. Cynthia is a visionary and an exceptional entrepreneur. Any project or activity that she undertakes will be improved exponentially by her leadership or participation because she has the rare skill to be as great a follower and team member as she is a leader.”

-Rich Citrin, business and health consultant, “Cynthia is the consummate artist, facilitator, body wisdom expert and mystic. As the founder of InterPlay, she has created a new way of being in the world and her influence has spanned the globe and served villages in Africa, artists in Australia and children in India. Cynthia brings deep spiritual connection to a practical level for women and men of all ages.  She has a special connection to a source that is beyond our usual day to day thinking.  She has been a most vital agent in my life and I invite you to allow her into yours. You will be very happy you did!”

–Lila Mauricia Morisee, expressive arts guide, “It’s difficult to put words to the mystery, depth, and ease that Cynthia’s sessions and written materials provide. I’ve reached a place of contentment, delight and humor that has led me open ever more deeply to it all–the mess of life w/ less drama, more “chop wood, carry water” kind of peace. Thank you, Cynthia –it’s been an immense gift and pleasure.”

–Terrence Keane of Berkeley Repertory Theater, ”Her keynote set the tone perfectly for the weekend.  The ideas she introduced wove through our entire event, and I know that many of our participants — myself included — would like to come take a class.

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A little about me

Relationship and friendship are core to my ethos. Ancestors, mentors, and colleagues guide me. I am indebted to Phil Porter, InterPlay cofounder, as the single most influential person in my life.

Alignment to body, soul, dance and art is key to my research. This is a collective endeavor as body, soul, dance, and art always interplay in social, energetic, and cosmic ways.

Along the way my studies led me to receive UCLA”s President’s Fellowship Award to explore dance and ritual in Sierra Leone, West Africa, an M.Div at Pacific School of Religion focused on dance, and to do doctoral work in “Theology and the Arts” at the Graduate Theological Union. I did advanced studies in Multicultural Education at the Western Institute for Social Research and received Pacific School of Religion’s Distinguished Alumni Award and the Minister of the Year award from the Center for Art, Theology and Education.

I am most blessed to have been in the presence of indigenous peoples in India, Africa, and the United States and to bear witness to teachings that transcend anything we know in the west.

Highlights include pastoring a church, choreographing and performing with Body and Soul Dance Company, co-directing Wing It! Performance Ensemble for twenty years, and teaching for the Sophia Center at Holy Names University and Pacific School of Religion. I’ve offered major preseations for Spiritual Directors International, Spiritual Directors of Color, University of Creation Spirituality, the National Chaplains Association, the International Expressive Arts Association, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, the United Religions Initiative, and the Parliament of World Religions.

I’m known for a love of life and playfulness even around serious subjects. Guided by 3 directives, Clarity of Vision, Efficiency of Energy, and Courage to Love, my. purpose is to foster freedom. The arts play a central role in my approach, particularly, the dance of life, To see more about my approach and credentials link here.

I meet with people on zoom one to one: ($95/hour or ask for reduced rate) , and in small groups, retreats, Online Dance chapel,s and Conference presentations to

    • Embrace the Gifted & Sensitive Body:
    • Understand and play with body and soul.
    • Embrace The Artist’s Path with ritual, art, and play.
    • Learn ways to manage energy that isn’t yours.
    • Learn how to align your big body with your little body.
    • Differentiate between gifts, calls, purpose and center in chpice.

As co-founder of InterPlay, an arts-based community practice now used around the globe, I’ve served as an entrepreneurial pioneer of personal and organizational body wisdom, a studio artist, a theologian,  a pastor and a published author. My teachings are formed by decades of teaching at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and other transformational learning communities. I share my journey in Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Story published by Aprcryphile Press. The basis of my teaching can be found in the books Having It All! and Move: What the Body Wants by myself and Phil Porter and in Dance: The Sacred Art published by Turner. See the store

I am proud that my partner Stephen and I are in our fourth decade of marriage and live in Cohousing in Sacramento. We are joined by daughter, Katies, her partner Brendan, and our granddaughter, Liddy. Thanks to the genetic predisposition toward addiction n both of my family lines, I’m a grateful member of Alanon. I was ordained for almost 20 years before releasing my vow to the institutional church.  I am still faithful to my family of faith and welcome transmissions from other teachings.

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I can also refer you to excellent leaders who guide others through creativity, somatics, trauma, grief work, adoption, art and spirituality, addiction, and racial healing.


“Cynthia offered a transformational experience that exceeded my expectations and they were already high!” Retreat Participant

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