Coaching with Cynthia

Cynthia Winton-Henry is the cofounder of an international arts based community practice, InterPlay. As a theologian, teacher, and mentor, she’s authored books on somatic spirituality and taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and Sophia Center in Oakland. Known for her love of life and playfulness she is guided by 3 directives, Clarity of Vision, Efficiency of Energy, and Courage to Love. Her purpose is to foster freedom and to witness others as beloved and whole.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching begins with a free 30 minute session on the phone, zoom, facetime, or in person.

Spiritual companioning

Spiritual companioning includes

  • monthly 1-1 companionship and email connection.
  • Art of Ensoulment Playbook Resources.
  • Letters from the Hidden Monastery.
  • The private facebook group to share prayers and art.
  • Participation in Online Dance Chapels
“It’s difficult to put words to the mystery, depth, and ease that Cynthia’s sessions and written materials provide. I’ve reached a place of contentment, delight and humor that has led me open ever more deeply to it all–the mess of life w/ less drama, more “chop wood, carry water” kind of peace. Thank you, Cynthia"
Lila Mauricia Morisee
Expressive Arts Guide

She can support you to:

  • Embrace The Artist’s Path to health through ritual, art, and play.
  • Attune to your body wisdom to cultivate a sacred relationship to time, space, energy, and effort.
  • Gain freedom from the tyranny of integration.
  • Learn the crazy wisdom of your big body and the little body.
  • Stop fighting your purpose. Differentiate between gifts, calls, purpose, and shifting seasons of purpose. And, find some reassurance on why you don’t have to articulate a purpose.
  • Embrace Your Gifted & Sensitive Body: Understand and play with your own energy. Learn ways to manage energy that isn’t yours.
  • Free 30 minute Consultation



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