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Connecting with Creation, Allies & Ancestors with Judy Shook

Explore altars, art, Creation Spirituality, Interplay, and Earth-based practices

Free Introductory Workshop
Tuesday, November 1
3-5pm Eastern, 2-4pm Central, noon – 2pm Pacific

Judy shares spiritual practices that celebrate ways of caring for Earth, ourselves, and each other as we deepen our capacities as mystics, creatives, visionaries, and agents for positive change. 

Link here to register Here for Free Intro and Workshops 
The workshop Fee is 175, with scholarships available

6 Week Series, Tuesdays  Nov 8 – Dec 13 

3-5pm Eastern, 2-4pm Central, noon – 2pm Pacific


Week One: Ancestors Connecting: Who supports you to be your Highest Self? Our biological ancestors all belonged to the land originally, we may just need to go back further. Who are the other-than-blood ancestors we honor, such as wisdom teachers, leaders, and authors we may never have met?

Week Two: Allies Connecting: Who/What are the other-than-human Allies that support us to be our Highest Selves? Animals, Trees, Mountains, Oceans, Rivers, Rocks… How can we listen more deeply and honor them more?

Week Three: Creating/Art as Meditation, Magic, Medicine: How can any act of creating help us to shift our consciousness in a mediative way? Creation Spirituality and many other wisdom practices see all humans as artists/creatives. Your art may be cooking, gardening, writing, song, dance, painting, etc.

Week Four: Making Altars: Sometimes, altars are simple, small, and subtle items that help us focus our intention. Sometimes altars are our entire homes and properties that help us set and hold the energy for our Deepest Being.

Week Five: Honoring Earth Elements: Deeply Befriending the stuff of which all life is made, air, fire, water, Earth, and spirit/soul.

Week Six: Honoring Where We Are: There are many ways to honor where we are in relation with our surroundings and where we were born.


Judy Shook, MDiv, Masters of Creation Spirituality, and InterPlay leader. Judy’s playful sense of humor dances with her deep commitment to earthy mysticism. Making spirituality accessible in everyday living, her art-as-mediation practices include dancing, drumming, chanting, gardening, ceramics, and swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean. From years of living in Hawaii, Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas, and California and her connection to her indigenous wisdom, she works towards cultural humility and racial and gender equity. Peace-with-Justice issues are among her passions. Judy says, “My journey includes navigating over 30 years in religious leadership and recently living with chronic illness which I am navigating as a form of initiation into deepening and celebrating who I truly am. “