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“Cynthia offered a transformational experience that exceeded my expectations and they were already high!” Retreat Participant


I support spiritual leaders and cultural creatives on local and global levels.  I’ve served Spiritual Directors International, Spiritual Directors of Color, Creation Spirituality Network, The National Chaplains Association, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, United Religions Initiative, and the Parliament of World Religions.

Spiritual Direction: I’m a member of Spiritual Directors International and taught art for spiritual formation on the graduate level for over 30 years. My spiritual supervisor is Connors McConville. One to one spiritual direction is a joy for me. I rest in a hidden monastery of playful mystics, rejoice in sensitivity, seek to teach as a free and freeing woman as I heed spiritual intelligence in my dance with family, earth and Divine Love. My life purpose is to foster freedom for myself and all people.

Education: I earned a BA in Dance from UCLA and a Master of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley with doctoral work at the Graduate Theological Union and the Western Institute for Social Research in Multicultural Education. I’m a certified massage therapist and am certified to share the  Focused Energy Balance Indicator instrument to bring more balance to life and leadership.

Books: Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey, published by Apocryphile Press, Dance: The Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement by Turner Publishing, and Move: What the Body Wants by Woodlake Press.  I also offer How-to guides on the physical practices of mysticism, intuition and psychic awareness. Click to learn more.

BEST CYNTHIA headshotArt: I cofounded InterPlay with Phil Porter, a creative, improvisational community based system designed to unlock the wisdom of the body for our time. InterPlay fundamentals use movement, voice, story, stillness, and connection to bring people and ideas together in amazing ways. Click to get the low down on this amazing practice.  I also have a Shrine workshop at Jingletown Art Studios near Alameda. Here’s a peak.

Activism: InterPlay and mysticism are countercultural earth-wise practices. As the executive director of InterPlay I actively support our organization manifest racial equity and transformation. I’ve served InterPlay and the YES board in support of young leaders. I co-lead Changing the Race Dance with Soyinka Rahim, an InterPlay workshop where people tell their own stories of  understandings and misunderstandings of socialized systemic racism. I developed InterPlay Art Responders with Catherine Jolly to realign ourselves to the beauty of a place and its people after a trauma.

Revered teachers–Thomas Merton, Carla de Sola, Doug Adams, Judith Rock, Barbara Elliot, Jake Empereur, Robert MacAfee Brown, Phil Porter, Flora Wuellner, Roberta Meyer, Berkeley Psychic Institute, Phyllis Magal, Betsey Wetzig, Masankho Banda, Katrina Browne, Ruth King, Connors McConville, Sheila Collins, Soyinka Rahim and each student I encounter.



–Rev. Melinda McLain, “Cynthia is a treasured mentor, teacher, and colleague in the art of deep and playful living. She instills trust among diverse peoples and leads groups with tremendous skill. Cynthia is a visionary and an exceptional entrepreneur. Any project or activity that she undertakes will be improved exponentially by her leadership or participation because she has the rare skill to be as great a follower and team member as she is a leader.”

-Rich Citrin, business and health consultant, “Cynthia is the consummate artist, facilitator, body wisdom expert and mystic. As the founder of Interplay she has created a new way of being in the world and her influence has spanned the globe and has helped change villages in Africa, artists in Australia and children lives in India. Cynthia brings deep spiritual connection to a practical level for women and men of all ages.  She has a special connection to a source that is beyond our usual day to day thinking.  She has been a most vital agent in my life and I invite you to allow her into yours. You will be very happy you did!”

Rev Susanna Pain, “What a gift, the spaciousness and creativity and generous listening you offer. Thank you.”

–Lila Mauricia Morisee, “It’s difficult to put words to the mystery, depth and ease that Cynthia’ sessions and written materials provide. I’ve reached a place of contentment, delight and humor that has led me open ever more deeply to it all–the mess of life w/ less drama, more “chop wood, carry water” kind of peace. Thank you, Cynthia –it’s been an immense gift and pleasure.”

–Terrence Keane, Marketing Director, Berkeley Repertory Theater says,”Her keynote set the tone perfectly for the weekend.  The ideas she introduced wove through our entire event, and I know that many of our participants — myself included — would like to come take a class.



  1. Dina Claussen says:

    Will be moving to San Diego CA sometime before winter, or thats the plan anyway. I look forward to being on the same coast as you !!! Dina

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Dear Dina, sending love. I welcome you to try the Online Dance Chapel. Even if the phone is all you can do.

  2. Vicky Struthers says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Vicky and I am currently editing an upcoming memoir about arthritis set in New Zealand, titled The Walking Stick Tree, due for publication in mid-October. The memoir includes lyrics from a song written called ‘The Soul Loves the Body’. I was hoping you could help me obtain copyright or point me in the right direction to use these lyrics.

    The lyrics used are:

    The soul loves
    the body,
    they are one,
    they are one.
    The soul loves
    the body,
    my body my soul
    my love.



    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Hi Vicky. Thank you for sharing and including the lyrics of the Soul Loves the Body. Those are the words of Meister Eckhardt. The lyrics of mine and I am happy to have you share them. Trisha Watts wrote music for this chant on her CD, Deep Waters.

      • Vicky says:

        Thank you for your giving us permission for these lyrics Cynthia. It means a lot to us and the author. All the best.

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