Weekly Online Dance Chapels

A sacred space for the wisdom of the body, where we dance, sing, and share poetic guidance from diverse spiritual lineages.



We light our candles, virtual or real.
We bring our intentions for family, community, and world.
We move, notice, and affirm our body wisdom.
We attune to inspired poetry and guidance.
We dance on behalf of others in the group.
We connect to global companions.
We renew our experience of grace and gratitude.

  • Mondays 9:00 Am PST: Ruth Showalter–CPR for the Soul
  • Mondays 4:30 Pm PST Cynthia Winton-Henry- Art of Ensoulment
  • Tuesdays 4:30 Am PST  with Monisha Mittal– Divine Revelations with Poetry
  • Wednesdays 9:00 Am PST with Marla Durden– Hip Hop Dance Chapels & Divine Love Rootedbody prayers for all our relations
  • 1st and 3rd Weds, 7 pm PST/Thurs 7:30 Am India: Neesha Noronha– Returning Wild
  • Thursdays 9:30 Am PST with Nancy Pfaltzgraf  & Jane Siarny– Sacred Ways

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Monisha Mittal

leads Tuesdays at 4:30 am PST

I love helping people find and build connections: with others, themselves, and with their soul path. Trained in communication and facilitation when I left my full-time corporate position, InterPlay came running to meet and embrace me. While leaving one identity and journeying into the unknown, the Online Dance Chapel remained a consistent, sacred, and joyful resource for tuning into my inner guidance. As an InterPlay leader-in-training and Sacred Depths certified coach, I assist children and adults in connecting with their authentic expression, creativity, personal expansion, and inner guidance by in part, facilitating communication with their bodies. I live in Virginia.


Neesha Noronha

India 7:30am Thursdays/ Wednesday's 7pm Pacific

I am a cross-pollinator who finds the sacred through the body and the earth. Living in different parts of the world, I’ve been blessed by various faith traditions and spiritual practices, including yoga and capoeira.  I’ve been an educator, community organizer, activist, and caregiver and am currently balancing these sides and worlds through art and witnessing. I love sharing movement and sustainable living and see both as a journey to wholeness. Through the Returning Wild Dance Chapel, I welcome you to re-member parts of yourself and our world, to dance on behalf of whatever wants to show up.


Ruth Schowalter

leads The Dancing Hand, Wednesday at 4:30 pm PST

I’m an artist, educator, and certified InterPlay leader. I apply InterPlay when teaching advanced communication skills to both scientists and international scholars. In 2018, I co-founded Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) InterPlay and Potluck with Canan Arikan. In 2019, we began an online Global SIS: InterPlay in 2019 to reach international women worldwide. I’m a lifelong spiritual seeker, housing my faith under a very wide roof of beliefs. Meditative drawing and painting has been my daily spiritual practice for the past 30 years. Dancing my prayers with the online community of Cynthia’s Dance Chapel since its origin has transformed my connection with the divine – I trust in its simplicity and powerful gentleness. I live in Decatur, Georgia, with my husband Tony and two cats, Tao and Sapelo.


Marla Durden

leads Wednesday at 9:00 am PST

There is so much beauty, grace and power in the human Soul. My purpose is to help empower people to embody more of their innate wisdom and divinity. InterPlay helps us to somatize spiritual awareness and emergent wisdom through the power of play. I am honored to share this space of love and healing. Along with InterPlay, I bring my experience as an indigenous shaman, healer and leader. Within the chalice of the Dance Chapel, we will create and share a beautiful brew of sacred healing, gentle transformation and fun.” Learn more about Marla at ModernRootWoman.com


Nancy Pfaltzgraf

leads Thursdays at 9:30 am PST

I love both leading and participating in Dance Chapel because I have experienced and witnessed the way people open to the spirit and one another in powerful ways that bring healing, build community and allow peace to flow through the whole of one’s being. I love that we are each encouraged to come as we are and listen to the deep wisdom of our bodies. But perhaps most powerful, for me, is praying without words, praying with my whole self, praying with my dance!. My background includes coaching the FEBI four movement patterns, leading the InterPlay Life Practice Program, Dances of Universal Peace, and as an ordained pastor and chaplain. I live in Illinois and Florida.

Rachel tree hugger(1)

Rachelle Herzig


I looked for something like Dance Chapel for years and years, yearning for a practice and a place that supports and shares the sacred in the whole of myself in solidarity with others and all that is. I still remember the first Dance Chapel I attended, which was even more beautiful, enlivening, powerful, and holy than I could have dreamed. Through the years, week by week, that experience has sustained, and I am overjoyed to now be leading Chapels myself. My own spirituality is earth-centered, and I have background as a multi-faith college chaplain, environmental health and justice activist, educator, and artist. I also live with a disabling chronic illness and endeavor to honor the sacredness of our diverse embodiments in everything I lead.


Cynthia Winton-Henry

leads Mondays at 4:30 pm PST

Dance is m ofounded InterPlay as a way to joyfully experience the freedom and integration of body, mind, heart, and soul.  I’ve served as a professional dancer, clergy, professor of dance and religion, Sacred Dance Guild faculty, and as a mentor to educators, artists, spiritual leaders and helping professionals. I teach the Art of Ensoulment, a year-long course that maps 12 initiations to support body and soul to dance through all the complexities of life. Learn more about the dance chapel approach in my books: Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice from Turner Publishing, Move: What the Body Wants, Woodlake Press and Chasing the Dance of Life, Apocryphal Press.  Click here.


Jane Siarny

Leads Thursdays at 9:30 AM PST

I’m dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community building, and body-wise practices. For me, InterPlay opens the door to an integrated spiritual practice that allows for creativity, community, and growth. The Online Dance Chapel is the best way to consistently share the transformative power of InterPlay. I’m the InterPlay Life Practice Program Coordinator, having led Life Practice groups since 1999. Find my story is found MOVE: What the Body Wants by InterPlay co-creators Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter. I live in Chicago, Illinois.”

I am living my day with an awakened courageous resilience, an openhearted mind, an Awakening purpose. I invite my energy to flow into my soul’s purpose through movement, voice, storytelling, contact, and stillness. For myself and for all. -Bilha


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