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13 initiations of Ensoulment: The Ruby Way School

by Ruth Showaltar
by Ruth Showaltar

Join me and others the 4th Monday each 4pm pacific time, starting January 23, 2017 Dance, reflect, write, and connect with others.

The ruby way connects you to your own soul, your royal bloodline and the ruby red slippers or tennies that guide your journey and bring you home.

support, demystify body wisdom skills, strengthen soul power, learn why you are here, and interplay with life in a fulfilling way. 

Is this your next step?

What’s in the course? 
How does it work?

This Course offers you

  • a living studio to learn practices and coach with Cynthia using a webinar link with an orientation prior to your first meeting.
  • Access to the online dance chapel
  • Weekly written modules and videos in your inbox
  • Connection to the Hidden Monastery Facebook Community.
  • A copy of Dance: The Sacred Art
  • The FEBI instrument to discover how to bring balance into your life.

Many practices are in Dance: A Sacred Art, a SkyLight Paths book I wrote after teaching at a seminary in Berkeley.  See the ensoulment initiations here. 

Everything is organized to reinforce the primacy of soul, to help you attend to soul care, dance and play. Be ready for good humor as you strengthen spiritual intelligence on a body level, learn ideas and behaviors that develop soul muscles and attune you to your capacity for love and authentic creativity.

The InterPlay practice was born for this. Come partake of a spiritual course rooted in the wisdom of the body!

The cost is $95/month for full access. Join any time during the year. Just contact me at cynthia@interplay.org about when you want to be involved. Ruby Way Course here.Send checks to Cynthia Winton-Henry   339 Broadway #215 Alameda, CA 94501 or by paypal

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To learn more about why I call this the ruby way course click here.



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