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Divining Life Purpose

If you want support for your next steps this workshop offers that and more!

March 25th, 1pm–4:30 pm pacific
Online Workshop with Cynthia Winton-Henry


“To live one’s genius is to dwell easily at the crossing point

where all the elements of our life and our inheritance join and make a meeting,”

“We might think of ourselves as each like a creative geography,

a confluence of inherited flows. Each one of us has a unique signature, i

nherited from our ancestors, our landscape, our language,

and beneath it a half-hidden geology of existence: memories,

hurts, triumphs, and stories in our lineage

that have not yet been fully told.” 

David Whyte


I love the magic that happens when we tune in to the poetry of purpose!  Purpose is alive in us all the time. Yet, not until we consciously align with our purpose do we gain the clarity to make wise choices about our life path.  Purpose is a core initiation not because it is the easiest thing. Purpose is our learning curve. Those who explore purpose with companions are at an advantage. Witnesses help affirm and reveal our path.

Learn to differentiate your gifts and calls from your purpose,  Attune to the purpose bestowed upon you by your ancestors.

With the workshop you’ll receive the  Divining Purpose chapter from the Art of Ensoulment Playbook . Explore the somatic process that I uncovered on the way to clarifiying my own purpose. 


Get the pdf with exercises and recording.
$85/$55 low income,  ensoulment participants, and workshop attendees.

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