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The Dying to Live Cabaret with Cynthia and Stephen Winton-Henry

Where Sister Death brings life into exquisite focus

The next “Dying to Live” Cabaret is Friday May 3, 1:30-3:30 Pacific

Solemn yet celebratory gatherings that give space to creative expressions honoring grief, death, and loss. 

Link here to attend and we’ll send the Zoom with details. The Cabaret is open to all. We welcome contributions of $25 for those who are able. 

If you you ready to lean into Death as a holy companion and reflect on life’s greatest improvisation: death and dying, come to the Cabaret. Here,  Cynthia brings the essentials of art, love, experience, and solemn joy to help people get in their bodies. Stephen, a retired hospice chaplain, listens, reflects, and helps people get out! Together, they have it covered!

In the first hour, we will greet one another and center in four body wisdoms of living and dying, honor any present grief, lift up gratitude for life, and bow to our current relationship with death and dying.  

  • Death’s role at the sacred center of life
  • That dying is not a solo dance
  • Dying requires a herd of angels
  • We have an obligation to die wise.

In the second hour, participants may sign up to tell a story, sing, dance, or offer a reading or images about death and dying. We conclude with a dance on behalf of Life.

Have a poem, performance, song, or creative offering to share, your own, or something you find helpful? Email Cynthia

The Cabaret is open to all. We welcome contributions of 25.00 for those who are able. 

Payment Options Here.

Cynthia Winton-Henry is a cofounder of InterPlay, a recovering serious person, and host of the Hidden Monastery. She taught a generation of seminarians at the Pacific School of Religion to dance, produced Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human concerts worldwide, co-led Changing the Race Dance Workshops, and is the author of Art of Ensoulment: A Playbook on How to Create From Body and Soul, Move: What the Body Wants, Dance, the Sacred Art, and Chasing the Dance of Life.

Stephen Winton-Henry is a retired hospice chaplain and grief educator. Losing a parent at a young age initiated him into the need for spiritual companionship throughout life. A graduate of Foothill Theater Conservatory, InterPlay leader, avid reader, ukulele, and guitar player, he is a master at hanging out, playing, and researching.

Come to the cabaret!