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Ensouled Creativity Studio

On Zoom with Cynthia and Ruth Showalter

3rd Mondays 2:30 to 4:15 pm pacific. 

Gather monthly to play with themes and initiations from the Art of Ensoulment. Anyone can participate.

Cynthia centers the group in the monthly theme. Warming up with movement. Ruth offers art and writing prompts. After participants share the media that they are drawn to use there is open space to create. When support is needed, Ruth is there.

At the end we share, notice, and bless the offerings. 

Ruth is an enthusiastic follower of the Hidden Monastery whose practice and friendship as an artist, ESL educator, co-organizer of the Global SIS community and InterPlay Life Practice Program leader is a delight. The Dancing Hand dance chapel she leads each Wednesday is a brilliant evolution of her devotion to art, dance, prayer and ensoulment.

Cost:40/month, 25/month for low income and ensoulment course participants.

We write a haiku, pencil a sketch, a dream, a sensation.
We shake and stretch and breathe and are
Mostly still.
Allowing this to be our ebbs and flows,
Tender nurturance and uplifting confidence.
Building on the edge of being.
Sustained without stops.
Feeling the push and pull, the desire to
Throw it,
Get lost in it,
Run or
Shove it away.
Being alive in what I thought were empty gaps.

Kay Rhode, Art of Ensoulment participant.

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