Ensouled! A Course for Body and Soul

A Course in Blessed    Initiations and Instructions for Body and Soul

To be ensouled is to fully dance one’s life in the wise beauty of the cosmos. This is not an individual task. Divine Life, Earth, and people initiate us into our exact role in the dance. Body, mind, heart, and soul are all key.

To be a blessing depends on how we meet our initiations. How do I know? I couldn’t offer the following course without having been through the initiations myself. But, I had to patch the wisdom together. The wisdom school that dances in the way of ancient, indigenous wisdom is as hidden as that famous school for wizards, Hogwarts.

Hence I created this Hidden Monastery Wisdom School to make it a teeny bit easier to find a basic curriculum. To begin we’ll get our bearings by attuning to the primal desires of body and soul: to create, play and rest. Then we’ll evaluate our readiness to heed the Three Directives: efficiency of energy, clarity of vision, and courage to love, guidance received from a “Voice.” Then, we’ll proceed with a survey of 12 arts in the dance of ensoulment and how to practice them.

Learn why freedom and will are so important. And do get your play compass ready as soul, spontaneity, and synchronicity come center stage.

You can start this course independently at any time with monthly modules that includes a document, video, and options for single, multiple or group coaching. See below.


 One Invoke Your Soul team– guides, muses, and companions even if you don’t know their name. Community and Teachers are key. Once you do you are on your way to initiate Divination. Practice opening to guidance.

  Two  Initiate Purpose. Differentiate between gifts, calls, divine needs and your own purpose. Put on your seatbelt as you activate the poetry of your purpose, shining through your own soul credentials.

  Three Initiate Your Limits. Everything from this point forward fully embraces death and appetite as part of the path of body wisdom. Learn the art of bowing.

   Four Initiate soul sight: Play with your basketball brain that sees in all directions. Practice seeing from both your higher and your ordinary self. Activate your mystic gyroscope.

  Five Initiate your big and little body filed. Detach from the myth of forced integration. Learn what can and can’t be integrated. Practice the art of savoring ordinary life. Activate the ability to let go into either state.

  Six Initiate your creative circuit board. Plug in the joy of your power to move, tell, voice, be. Activate which art form you need to listen in on if you want to learn from mystery.

  Seven  Initiate body to body communication. Learn about mirror neurons, the necessity of shaking, breathing, and exformation. Practice neutralizing and savoring connections

  Eight Initiate your ability to affect your connections. Practice using your Heart Mic to connect and drop connections. Activate your ability to stream on the Field. Activate kinesthetic imagination to heighten sensitivity to the unseen.

  Nine Initiate Synchronicity’s 5 dynamics of sacred interaction. Practice synching up. Activate the art of changing, changing, changing. This is easier than letting go.

 Ten Initiate Your 4 power centers including the one beyond your skin. The Kundalini Driver, Belly Collaborator, Heart Organizer, and Crownstar Visionary. Activate Focused Energy Balance Indicator to assess powers. 

  Eleven Initiate your time-space awareness. Experience time, space and energy in body. Activate your ability to slow down and speed up time, to expand and contract space. 

  Twelve Ground in the Play of Purpose, Awe, and Curiosity on Behalf of Higher Power. Practice the art of ecstatic following and how to know if your guidance honors your highest good.

To register for Ensouled! The Mystic’s Course for Body and Soul go to PayPal here.
or send a check to Cynthia Winton-Henry at 339 Broadway #215, Alameda, CA 94501.

You’ll receive a monthly module with a document and a video, access to community body wisdom of others in the hidden monastery in a closed facebook group and 
     a single coaching session for $185
     four one-to-one sessions, for $360 (185 plus 65/per session, my lowest rate.)
     or monthly online zoom group coaching for an hour– $55/month. No fee for materials.           

(Gather your own ensoulment group with 3 or more friends. Email to inquire about my availability.)


You can always bring questions and prayers to any online dance chapel at 5 pm pst on Mondays and 9:30 pst Thursdays.

With you in the mystic and everyday dance both hidden and revealed,



  1. Amber Walker says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I am so ready for this. THIS.
    The wings in my heart are fluttering with anticipation and YES.
    I love you.

  2. jean Martinolich says:

    Hey Cynthia, I am interested in the group with friends. I have one person in mind. It would be great to find someone in another part of the country. I have to ask my friend first. I think we are both having trouble dealing with our limitations that make our full-to-the-brim, thousand-gallon bucket list unmanageable. But I want to make sure I understand. We would pay 55 each. How do you fit in? Who are we responding to? I will look more closely, but I need this a lot know although I am more overwhelmed by details of survival than ever before. It will be hard for me to do unless I know I am accountable to someone. I truly don’t have the time and really have very little time that I am not dealing with something.

    I miss interplay and share it a little now and then but have fallen out of practice.

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