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2024 Art of Ensoulment Courses

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"Is there an angel inside waiting to be unleashed?"

Each year, I gather wise, playful, sensitive types who, amid everything, feel called to reveal Something Beautiful, Glorious, Deep, and Whole. Call it soul or the me-of-me and the you-of-you. We know it’s not just an individual thing. It comes from being connected to Earth, Nature, each other, and the big, star-filled dancing Universe.

While cofounding InterPlay, I saw astonishing genius emerge from both rambunctious and shy people. It happened when they engaged their creative birthrights: their movement, voice, story, and stillness. When people are supported to tune into their creative bodyspirit I saw their wisdom and resilience grow. Mine too! Through research in dance and religion, around the world, I knew this was not a fluke. Creative ritual practice is ancestral stuff.  Angels fly. Souls shine. Health grows when body and soul come out to play in community.

At the same time, I’ve had to navigate too many human spaces (religious, medical, academic, and political) that feel void of the ancestral wisdom of body and soul. As someone who senses and notices more than average, I’m grateful for my gifts, but I also feel odd. I pick up so much from the world that I over-give and have to retract. I often agonize, suffer, overdo, and feel out of step with others. It was hard to know what to do with my visionary input until I dug deeper into readings and found special teachers. 

Gradually, I uncovered 12 Creative Initiations that help restore me and others to our most Nurturing, Instinctual, Playful, Empathetic, and Sovereign Soul. The strategies are not always how I was taught, yet they resemble the wisdom teachings I find in many traditions.

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Better yet, join an upcoming 90-minute Introductory Workshop where we shine light on the organic nature of body and soul and tap into a joyous infrastructure available when we choose to live fully and effectively in body and soul.

Creative Materials Abound!

The Art of Ensoulment equips you with
  1. The Art of Ensoulment:  A Playbook on How to Create from Body and Soul.
  2. Live and Recorded Sessions with Cynthia.
  3. Journaling and Art Prompts that help you play through your year.
  4. Ensoulment Coaches who support the wisdom of your body and soul.
  5. A Credentialing Ceremony To Celebrate Spiritual Intelligence.
  6. Three Months Paid Membership in The Dancing Center, Cynthia’s Substack.

Begin With Any of the Three Modules

Intro WorkshopS

Winter: The Art OF Ensoulment Playground

One-Hour Free Intros to the Art of Ensoulment 

The Soul Loves the Body”

Monday, Jan 8th 2–3:30 PM PST
Tuesday, Jan 9th, 10-11:30 AM PST

(Q and A for the last 30 minutes)

Creativity, mysticism, and deep care for everyone. If you are a sensitive soul seeking more ease, joy, and inner wisdom even in hard times, The Art of Ensoulment offers a map, support, and playmates. In the intro workshop, we’ll invoke our Spirit Team and bring easy, creative forms online, like one-hand dances, softening into stillness, drawing, and writing. 

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Four monthly live Zoom workshops

Jan to April
Fourth Mondays 2-4 PM PST Jan 22 , Feb 26, Mar 25, April 22 or

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 AM PST Jan 23, Feb 27, Mar 26, April 23

 Enjoy recordings + monthly modules + Email with Cynthia

What if our life is meant to dance? What if Earth’s Divine Dance is what a Mother wants for her Creation, Nature actively at play. 

Explore the Motherboard of Your Imagination and the genius of our body and soul as you engage these Four Core Arts of Ensoulment. 

One: The Presence of Your Soul Community- teachers, ancestors, angels, guides, and other beings. When we honor them, we experience their support. All initiations become sacred.

Two: The Power of Your Creative Birthrights to access ancient, hidden, and visible expressions of soul that flow from the wider web. Discover ways to uniquely listen in and learn from mystery.

Three: The Beauty in the Poetry of Your Purpose–Differentiate between your gifts, calls, needs, and passions. Play with the poetry of purpose that shines through your creative initations.

Four: Reslience in Dancing with Suffering, Bowing to Limits, and Embracing death in the dance of life.



  • $325 discounted one-time payment or four $85 payments
  • $55/month for BIPOC and low income.
  • Extra fees applied for 1:1 or small group coaching. 

Fall/9 Weeks of CReative Strategies

Wisdom for Body and Soul:
Creative Strategies that Support
Efficiency of Energy, Clarity of Vision, Courage to Love

In my 30s, grappling with energy imbalances and injustice, streaming Great Love, feeling weird, alone, without knowing how to navigate the world, one day, a voice instructed, “These are your three directives–efficiency of energy, clarity of vision, courage to love.”  I was ready. The path of ensoulment introduced me to the initiations I now teach in the Three Directives Course—link here for more information.

9 live zoom workshops + recording + Playbook PDF + emails with Cynthia


  • $360/discounted one-time payment or four $95 payments
  • BIPOC/Low Income: $55/monthly payments or $220
  • To purchase your personal Art of Ensoulment Playbook, click here.
We’ll explore and play with–
Practice “Dancing” Like a Shaman. Denounce Forced Integration that tells us that Bigger and Higher is Better– Creatively Play Between Your Big and Little Bodyspirit to Find Serenity.
Practice the Golden Art of Neutral Energy and Recover from Over-Responsibility. Release What Isn’t Yours– Shake and dance to neutralize and cleanse connections.
Practice Dancing Through Resistance. Refuse To Be Boxed In! Enjoy all paths–the Grounding Driver, Belly-Collaborator, Heart-Organizer, and Crownstar-Visionary.
Practice Soulsight. Break Out of Old, Narrow Ways of Seeing that Inhibit Soul. Enjoy a brain that sees in all directions. See as a higher and ordinary self, using your mystic gyroscope.
Practice Playing in Sacred Time: Use the recipe for Sacred Time to create spaciousness and enjoy life, sponteniety, synchronicity, synergry.
Practice Finding Hope Through the Worst Nightmares. Place yourself in good hands, practice the art of rupture and reconnection to maintain healthy interaction. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves.
Practice Tending Sacred Cords and Templates in relationship and learn to use your heart mic.
Come Out and Play as if Life depends on it. Affirm and enjoy those who love the Good. Credential each other as sacred playmates.





  1. Shauna says:

    Thank you, thank you Cynthia for your teaching and being. Since I just completed your course I wanted to write something about my experience for others that may be curious….Cynthia’s presence and Art of Ensoulment Course has been such a meaningful gift in my life. I didn’t know what to expect at first it was right on time with all the unexpected twists and turns of 2020. It has allowed me to connect with messages in my body that informed actions centered on love for myself and others. As a sensitive person, mother, and therapist, I learned how to balance better. The course has inspired contemplations leading to greater peace within. I know myself better and have greater confidence and acceptance for what is. Cynthia resonates her joy in teaching as she shares generously with a genuinely kind and welcoming nature. She has always been respectful, honoring the value that everyone brings. Her teaching style included readings with suggested practices to experiment with, group connection where everyone had space to be seen and heard, time for listening, praying, playing, moving, being still. In addition, the opportunity to meet individually has been a magical mix to support in my liberation journey. Without knowing exactly what others will get out of the Art of Ensoulment Course for the first time or repeating, I know it will be pleasing to the soul. Cynthia as a teacher is gifted at supporting people to have their own experiences leading to surprises only the individual can uncover. I am whole heartily grateful for my connection with Cynthia and the teachings that supported my development in the Art of Ensoulment Course. I highly recommend you give the Art of Ensoulment Course a try for yourself or at least contact Cynthia if you’re curious.

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Thank you so much dear Shauna! What a joy its been to accompany you. You ensoul such deep grace and wisdom.

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