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The Soul Loves the Body: Introduction to the Art of Ensoulment

"The soul loves the body."- Meister Eckhardt


90-minute interactive workshop with practices that illuminate the body wisdom of soul

What if soul is not something that is hard, higher, or holier than thou? What if we’re meant to play instead of struggle with the spiritual journey? This workshop offers a new/old lens, one where each body in our dynamic, organic dancing Universe is honored. Sharing from her new book, The Art of Ensoulment: A Playbook on How to Create From Body and Soul, Cynthia opens up a playground that explores four great initiations that strengthen soul in body. 

Get the introduction from the Art of Ensoulment Playbook upon registration.

The Workshop is $25
Free when with course enrollment and for Ensoulment Coaches.

Choose Your Preferred Time 
  • Tuesday, Sept 12 10-11:30 am PT
  • Wednesday, Sept 20, 3:30-5 PM PT
  • Friday, Dec, 30TH, 9-10:30 AM PT
  • Mon, Jan 9TH, 2-3:30 PM PT

Attend this workshop as many times as you like. Get the recording if you cannot attend.



About Cynthia:

As an ambassador of the dance of life, Cynthia has moved in and out of trouble as a seminary faculty, ordained pastor, executive director, community artist, cofounder of InterPlay, activist, and author. Early invitations to dance in church led her to encounter grace as profoundly physical. Due to a lack of dancing wisdom in her white, Protestant, academic, and medical worlds, she devised active, creative ways to unlock the wisdom of the body. She also uncovered the traumatic impacts that stem from the oppression and extermination of the dancing life of First Nations people, enslaved people, the Divine Feminine, and in the Christian lineage. As a dancing elder dedicated to fostering freedom, she hopes to open eyes and hearts to the nature of soul as a knowable, sacred, justice-bringing reality. 

In the online Hidden Monastery, Cynthia-Winton-Henry-henry.com serves dance chapels and ensoulment courses that specialize in supporting highly sensitive people. Read her story in Chasing the Dance of Life, A Faith Journey, explore the power of Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, reawaken your gift of play in Move: What the Body Wants and ensoul your life with The Art of Ensoulment: A Playbook for How to Create From Body and Soul.