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Twelve Initiations in the Art of Ensoulment


  1. Invoke Your Soul Team. Community and Teachers are key, seen and unseen. Honor them and you are on your way to divine Initiations.


  1. Flow-Power-Activate your power to move, tell, voice, and be. Activate which art you need to listen to, to learn from mystery.


  1.  Divine Your Purpose– Differentiate your gifts, calls, divine needs and purpose. Put on your seatbelt as you activate the poetry of your purpose shining through your soul credentials.


  1. Bow to Human Limits– Everything from this point forward fully embraces death and appetite as part of body wisdom. Practice the art of bowing



Super Powers


  1. Claim Your Soul Sight– Your brain sees in all directions. Practice seeing from both your higher and your ordinary self with your mystic gyroscope.


  1. InterPlay Your Two Bodies– Detach from the myth of forced integration. Learn what can and can’t be integrated. Savor ordinary life. As you let go into either state and interplay between them.


  1. Attend to Body-to-Body Communication– Learn about mirror neurons, the need for shaking, neutralizing and savoring connections.


  1. Balance Your Super Power Centers– The Kundalini Driver, the Belly Collaborator, the Heart Organizer, and the Crownstar Visionary. Use the Focused Energy Balance Indicator to assess powers. 


Sacred Interactivity


  1. Take Your Time & Space. Slow down and speed up time, Expand and contract space. 


10.The Magic of Spontaneous Synch Up. 5 Sacred Interactions– Practice synching up the art of changing, changing, changing, and easier than letting go.


  1. Navigate Worst Nightmares with Mystic Love. Enneamotion: Know Your Power, attach and surrender to Guidance that loves your highest good.


  1. Play the Field– Use your Heart Mic to connect and drop connections, stream the Field. Activate kinesthetic imagination to heighten sensitivity to the unseen