Welcome to The Dancing Center


The Dancing Center is the Heart of the Hidden Monastery

Its purpose is to support the growth and health of our collective wisdom
as we recognize physical and spiritual diversities of every sort,
the sovereignty of every being,
and the wholeness of grief and suffering
in the midst of all we love about Life.


Those who dance and pray in the Hidden Monastery enjoy meeting via the hidden languages of body and soul, art, creativity, dreams, poetry, dance, mystic encounters. Many of us are growing in the Art of Ensoulment, Creativity Studios, individual spiritual direction, InterPlay, and other embodiment practices. As we do, we are redefining spiritual community and practice. These pioneering efforts require unique spaces for conversation and a lot of tender care. 

If you follow the Hidden Monastery, you are probably in love with mystery and moved by grace. You know justice as the beauty we give ourselves and what we pursue in all our relations. You experience a haunting call to honor your ancestral and adopted lineages and, at the same time, dignify the many Wisdom Trees in Earth’s garden of love and joy. You pray in uncommon ways and yearn for embodied sanctuaries where beauty and truth rise without interrogation.

You also know what it’s like to endure institutions that resist body and soul. 

After many years on the path, I’ve found dancing soulmates the Hidden Monastery. I claim this and feel a deep desire to uplift and support the growth of our voices, connections, and ensouled wisdom.

I humbly welcome you to consider The Dancing Center  if you, too, want to explore, enjoy, share theological, creative, and spiritual reflections and to affirm and amplify each other’s offerings.

Participation can be quiet or active. 

My wildest dream is that we can pray for each other’s success and spiritual health. I will contribute what I’ve uncovered from decades of exploring the relationship between body and soul.

The Dancing Center is a member-based group where your creative and financial contributions will support

  1. Regular curations of my writing alongside your wisdom, art, poetry, and news of what you offer including access to archives of past circulars. See a sample.
  2. -Online Dance Chapels.
  3. Participation in “Festoon”: The December Credentialing Ceremony where we elevate and reaffirm the gifts of love and grace in one another.
  4. 10 percent discount on workshops and retreats. 

Membership Opportunities

  • Basic- $10-25/month supports dance chapels.
  • $25-$50 or more per month supports the Hidden Monastery as a source of grace and healing. This level includes an annual gift from Cynthia.
  • Free guest memberships are available for those currently enrolled in the Art of Ensoulment, ongoing spiritual direction, chapel leadership, or if you are unable to contribute financially at this time.

Fill out the community members form.
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Thank You for resourcing future expressions of the Hidden Monastery
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May these offerings grow a garden of grace.

honoring all,

journeying forward,

one dance, one prayer at a time.