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I believe that bodies require a ‘deep enough’ sense of belonging, a strongish circle that willingly credentials each other’s gifts and purpose if we are to grow in ease and grace,


Do you dream of deeper connection, but find it hard to create? Do you struggle with belonging? If you follow what is happening in the Hidden Monastery maybe you, too, are wildly in love with Mystery, magically moved by grace, and compelled to pray in uncommon ways. Like me you probably know what it’s like

  • To be geographically distant yet intimate in shared practice.
  • To provide service yet often feel alone.
  • To yearn for playful embodied sanctuaries where beauty and truth can rise without interrogation.
  • To endure institutions and groups that resist body and soul.
  • To know justice as both the beauty we give ourselves and what we seek in all relations.
  • To feel the haunting call to honor ancestral and adopted lineages and equally dignify all the Wisdom Trees in Earth’s garden of love and joy.

If you are drawn to what we are pioneering in the Hidden Monastery, you are at the heart of helping redefine spiritual community and practice. We ensoul it in dance chapels, the Art of Ensoulment Course, the Creativity Studio, individual spiritual direction and more.

Would you like to share more intimate connection, to better enjoy, see, and support one another? Join me in The Dancing Center of our Hidden Monastery and I will offer you

  1. Grace Notes- a private email list to share prayer requests,  celebrations, and your offerings.
  2. A regular letter that will curate your wisdom, art, poetry, prayer requests, and findings from my trove of resources of contacts.
  3. Supportive references and reviews, social media, and newsletter announcements about your work from Cynthia or other qualified members.
  4. An annual Credentialing Celebration to reaffirm our gifts and purpose.
  5. Discounts on workshops and retreats. (not including the Art of Ensoulment).
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If you already contribute thank you! Link to join the Circle.
You are resourcing our circle’s future expressions. 

If this is a new practice, please join at $25/month
or make an annual contribution that is right for you.
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In gratitude, may we bow together

honoring all,

journeying forward

one dance, one prayer at a time.