How to Get to Ruby Way Dance Practice Online

To join the meeting click on or  

 Go online to Join the Meeting at
enter Meeting ID
: 527-180-021

 Use microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset may be needed.

 You can also call in using your telephone. Dial 1 (213) 493-0601   The Access Code is 527-180-021  Shown after joining the meeting.


  1. The Gotomeeting link is always the same. File it on your phone contacts or in a desktop or email folder for this and other documents from me.
  2. Put dates you plan to participate in your calendar  Mondays 5 pm PST starting Jan 12
  3. You may wish to purchase Dance: The Sacred Art. We sell them at     InterPlay. Email Lucia at or go to Amazon.2.
  4.  To ente allow a couple of minutes to get into the room just as you would if you were coming to see me.

If you are on a Mac and are asked to launch an application the first time download the file with an optional browser plugin that lets you launch the GoToMeeting software faster. These links may help although GotoMeeting has been upgrading so check their website if you need to.

Download the file in Safari

Download the file in Firefox

Download the file in Chrome

Do click the little box that says Remember my choice so that this is done once and for all!


        5. Next a vertical control panel pops up on your desktop. 

  • At the left top is the vertical file of buttons. The orange button that makes the control panel disappear is on the top. See it?
  • Click on the camera icon to turn on your camera.  And if you need the mic button. That’s the main thing you need to know.Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.17.57 AM

    The Hidden Monastery is just a click away!  Sending love.




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