Mystic Tech incorporates InterPlayful tools, rituals, and grounding for wisdom keepers and artists of life. Mystic Tech is not a program of InterPlay or its non-profit, Body Wisdom, Inc.

I am proud to have cofounded InterPlay with Phil Porter, an active, creative approach to unlockng the wisdom of the body. The practices of InterPlay are applied by individuals and groups around the world. For me it is a spiritual practice that helps maintain creative health in our five birthrights– movement, voice, story, stillness, and interpersonal contact.

As a practice it helps me remain resilient in body mind heart and spirit using  twenty-six creative forms and ideas that keep me playful, healthy, truthful, peaceful, and in community.

Here are InterPlay’s 8 Body Wisdom Tools:

  1. Easy Focus: Wheeeee
  2. Body Data, Body Knowledge ,Body Wisdom: Notice, Notice, Notice.
  3. Inner Authority: Believing What You Notice.
  4. The Physicality of Grace: Noticing the Good and Have More of It
  5. Exformation: Getting Rid of the Icky Stuff
  6. Body Wisdom Practices: Practicing More of What You Want
  7. Incrementality: We Get Into Trouble Into and Out Of Trouble In Tiny Steps
  8. Affirmation, Affirmation, Affirmation.


As our unique sensitivities and abilities emerge we develop as intuitives, artists, dreamers, healers and wisdom keepers who can explore and support others to explore

  • Purpose: What it is and how to fulfill it at work and home?
  • Which path is needed when we’re in over our heads?
  • How to manage our sensitivities and increase joy and ease?
  • How to manifest work that honors our being?
  • How to engage with challenging energies?
  • How to play with suffering, grief, rage, and injustice?
  • What path to take for healing?
  • When is community support required?
  • When do we need assistance to call back lost parts (soul retrieval)?

Explore the growing practice of InterPlay leaders, coaches, spiritual directors, and helping professionals in a class or session at

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