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Online and in person connections focus on the care and nurture of soul intelligence in leaders and in community in

1 to 1 online, on the phone, or in person sessions
Small group support and retreats
Retreat and conference presentations

Sessions are warm, heart-centered, often playful and rich with insights about body wisdom and practice.

Cynthia is guided by these directives: Clarity of Vision, Efficiency of Energy, and Courage to Love. She will
Witness you as already beloved and already whole.
Help you honor all forms of connection, seen and unseen.
Support choices that feel true to your wisdom and purpose.

Cynthia’s down to earth technologies teach and uphold everyday mystics and spiritual sensitives

  • How to Divine Purpose and better differentiate between gifts, calls, purpose.
  • Tell the difference between inner and outer guidance
  • Honor shifts in seasons of purpose and why it’s fine not to articulate purpose.
  • Tools for Being Gifted & Sensitive Bodies that help manage information that isn’t yours.
  • To more easily embody an artist’s way of spirited health and healing to best support life.

As the cofounder of InterPlay, an arts based community practice used in the US and abroad she is proficient as an entrepreneur, in organizational body wisdom as well as being a studio artist dedicated to making shrines, a theologian, and a published author with books on somatic spirituality and life. She taught for decades at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and is known for her love of life and playfulness.—
Read her wild story in Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Story published by Aprocryphile Press

EXPLORE a free 30 minute session to see whether Cynthia might be of service to you.
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