Donate to the Online Dance Chapel

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ONLINE Course: Online Interfaith Dance Chapel; dancing to release body and soul.


$25.00 / month
$49.00 for 1 month

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Weekly live dance chapel support sensitivity, healing, vision & divine love. Drop in’s are welcome.

Donate to chapel leaders and the Hidden Monastery.
Paypal. Venmo, @Cynthia-Winton-Henry,
or by check to 2273 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA 94612.

 $0 Celebrating– what we all bring to chapel
$25 Honoring– the chapel
$45 Upholding– teachers
$85 Supporting– the Hidden Monastery
$150+ *Chapel Angels *

Resource: Dance: A Sacred Practice: Finding Joy in Movement as a Spiritual Practice. Unlock movement as a life-changing spiritual practice.



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