Donate to the Online Interfaith Dance Chapel

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ONLINE Course: Online Interfaith Dance Chapel; dancing to release body and soul.


$25.00 / month
$49.00 for 1 month

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Weekly live community and coaching with dance practices that assist your sensitivity, healing, vision & divine love. Prayers in community increase a sense of belonging and empowerment. Learn how prayers make a difference. Check out my resource– Dance: A Sacred Practice: Finding Joy in Movement as a Spiritual Practice to unlock the transformative power of movement as a life-changing spiritual practice.

Drop in’s are welcome. Consider supporting the chapel and the Hidden Monastery at 25- $49/month if this is a regular practice. You receive

  • Weekly prayer.
  • Small group coaching with a wide span of spiritual practices
  • follow up written and audio materials
  • connection to a Hidden Monastery Facebook Community.


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