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$5.00$75.00 / month

Link to learn and share anything with Cynthia in the Dancing Center

Get a free subscription and receive Cynthia’s Dancing Center Substack Here.

As a Member You Support

  1. The General Care of the Hidden Monastery Community
  2. Online Dance Chaplains
  3. Art of Ensoulment Scholarships for new ensoulment coaches, ages 20-40.
  4. Emerging Resources: Podcasts and Publications

Contribute @ your chosen level.

Thank you for supporting this pioneering work!


The Dancing Center of the Hidden Monastery redefines spiritual community in online dance chapels, Art of Ensoulment Courses, Creativity Practicums, spiritual direction, and workshops. When you join the Dancing Center–

  • you support your attendance at any chapel,
  • you are subscribed to Cynthia’s substack, The Dancing Center- “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”
  • you are invited to the annual December “Festoon,” Credentialing Ceremony where we reaffirm each other’s visible and hidden services.
  • I can also provide references and reviews about your work on social media and in newsletter announcements.

“Those who sing and dance together can never be separated in this life or in the next.”


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