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The Art of Ensoulment Course

From $55/month

To reserve space in the yearlong course, pay a one-time commitment fee of $50 to Cynthia Winton-Henry through PayPal, Venmo or by check. 

No one refused for lack of funds.


Monthly Payment Plan:
  • $85/month for materials, support and monthly online workshop
  • 125/month includes a monthly one-to-one coaching session. 
  • add 25/month for Creativity Studio or 40 dollars to drop in.

The whole package is 150./month for group/private session and studio. For the year-
$1,020 includes monthly two-hour workshop, written and video resources, and online support
$1500  includes monthly workshop, resources, and discounted monthly individual coaching. 
1800 includes monthly discounted creativity studio



Reduced prices for people of color, low income, and repeaters.

  • $55/month for group
  • 95/month includes individual coaching sessions

The monthly package is 115. for group, private session, and studio time.


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