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The Art of Ensoulment Playbook

This book is Not Gospel, Not Truth, Not Hard, Not Higher, Not A Savior, Not Crazy, Not Serious, Not Better. Not Worse, Not More. Not Less. Yet, it does point to a forgotten truth — Your Soul Loves Your Body.



–a guidebook to a forgotten truth — The Soul Loves The Body.
–a rare and beautiful artifact born of a life of teaching, mysticism, and love.

What if instead of hard work, Soul relishes fun methods that honor our real energy, vision, and love? In this colorful, on-the-move playbook, Cynthia Winton-Henry maps out creative ways to metabolize hard stuff and land in a more empowered and liberated life.

Join the journey and restore the magic that happens when body and soul collaborate and dance on Earth. If current canons of religion, science, education, and medicine confuse and overwhelm you, maybe your body and soul are ready for a reset. Accompany the book with Ensoulment Coaching or an Intro Workshop that welcomes you home to wonder and delight alongside the hard truth of living.

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  1. cynthia winton-henry

    This is a rich resource with both practical and mystical advice about claiming our full rich lives. Soul gets its spotlight! The print version is lively, colorful, and the words dance across the pages. But even without the visuals, I found lots to ponder! Phil Porter, InterPlay cofounder

    Thank you for this much needed prescription of good health and well being. I am so proud of your amazing contributions to our world. Jennifer Botwick ND

    Many mazel tovs, Cynthia! I love your spirit that sizzles despite all obstacles, your creative imagination that runs unstoppably no matter what the circumstances, the art in your body and soul that simply has to create no matter what else is happening, your incredible ability to manifest beauty out of the sturm und drang of life in the world, – and your love, your LOVE for all of us, almost no matter what! Thank you for this next offering to us, this book that sums it all up with your ability to run your beauty right out your fingertips in whatever artform you happen to choose in the moment – in this case, your new book! Thank you yet again, dear succulent woman! Carolyn Carolyn North Books & Podcast

    My soul soars when I do this sneaky deep work/play using the Art of Ensoulment bodywisdom practices. Many people write about connecting with our bodies, our souls, and Earth. Cynthia offers accessible wisdom practices that help us reintegrate. It’s playful and full of yummy art. Sensitive people and folks with Highly Sensitive Bodies will find ways to ease and shift to the parasympathetic nervous system. People who feel stuck in their heads or driven by work, others’ expectations, or just the cultural expectations to be a consumer/producer will find relief and re-connection with the wholeness of self! I bought the ebook to have it easily almost anywhere. And my hardcopy is ordered so I can more fully relish the art! Judy Shook

    Jamie McHugh  Ministering to the soul of the body Cynthia Winton-Henry has gifted us with her life experience and musings on the dance of the soul. In this delightful collection of user-friendly exercises accompanied by reflective writing prompts, she encourages us to look beyond the outward physicality of dance expression into the center of its purpose – to discover, release and celebrate the essential self. As a seasoned guide with many years of practice, her distilled wisdom blossoms on the page as she shepherds us through an embodied, soulful doorway into the imaginal and insightful realms of knowing.

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