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High Play Rituals

Free pdf available.

Caution Tape Ritual to Reconnect in Times of Fear Using yellow caution tape, facilitators weave the tape through community and invite participants through 4 movements: Preparation, Naming and Lifting Caution, Connecting to Others, Transforming Caution through Creative Connection. You can download a pdf of this ritual. The song “I’m Gonna Lift My Sister Up” is included in the ritual. Download this mp3 file of the music.

Permission Slip Ritual: empowering our unique gifts
Distinguish between the power of your big and small body, discern what permission is needed for a more beautiful, restful, creative life and then create permission slips to playfully embody the way you want to be.

Tree of Life Candlelit Spiral: to Honor Ancestors & Seasons
The Tree of Life is a symbol of life and generational connection. The human body mirrors its roots, limbs, trunk and leaves. With music, drumming, movement and candle light participants use branches to create a spiral, and brin, ancestral objects, write names on leaves and move them to the heart of the Tree.

Ceremony of Wings “Hoopla” to honor anything that got easier.
You crossed the desert, danced backwards, snuck around the alligators, dived to for treasure. You played, survived, surrendered, fought, lost and won. You may have been certified but did you get your wings? Spiritual wings may be granted when we advance from one season to another. This includes being lifted by the collective, empowering our flight, freedom, and wider view. Is there something you need to ceremonialize? Are you called to witness and celebrate others?Come Play and Celebrate.

The Dance of Apology: Collective Soul Mending requires collective behavioral change, not just words or policies. Inside a circle of fire elders dance to address harms done, to reel on behalf of those harmed, and offer space to dance a living amends.

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