Shrine Workshop Gallery

I am an irrepressible enshriner.
One woman said my studio reminded her of New Orleans!

Shrines hold a place for memories, spaces to remember loved ones.

You can add to a shrine over time as living memorials until they disintegrate and eventually recede into the landscape.

These earlier shrines below arose from natural and found material. Click on the image to look up close.

Tattooed Baby Saints

I don’t believe we come in as blank slates

My kid was adamant about marking her initiations on her skin. When I found a baby doll at a thrift store, I wondered about using sharpies on their “skin.” I’d think, “Oooo it would be fun to “tattoo.” that baby. The first mark felt sacrilegious, something that only God, love, or life should allow. Would this ruin the baby? How could it?

We come in loaded with generational, genetic, spiritual and artistic legacies. Then childhood experiences imprint us. I had fun babying myself with the art of it all!


Healing Hands

When my daughter turned 18 she said “Mom, I want to get matching tattoos with you!”. So we did! The healing hand of Interplay is now a permanent part of our bodies.


Prayer Cards

My imagination went wild as i declared all holy– male, female, animals, and whosevers divine on my own set of prayer cards.

love arrows

Love Arrows

I made a set of Love Arrows by wrapping an arrow with a love note, and planting it in the ground of the one I love.


Dresser Prayers

How fun to greet the day with the simple words: Good Morning!

Painting on Silk

Mary Kuder inspired me to paint on silk. Visit Linked in Page


Sharpie Art

Bright Colors, indelible ink, watercolor paper. I love that combo. I use it for poetry and for note-taking. I have whole collections of sharpie art to record my initiations and journeys.


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