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“Your keynote set the tone perfectly for the weekend. It provided food for thought for the old timers, and was a wonderful icebreaker for our newcomers. The ideas you introduced wove through our entire event.” Terrence Keane, Spark Collective. Marketing Director, Berkeley Repertory Theater.

Cynthia’s talks are full of inspired wisdom, clear tools on how to integrate body, mind, heart and soul and ways to find grace in life’s complexities.  Her expertise in body and soul intelligence helps listeners see the obvious wisdom of their bodies for the first time and come away with renewed joy, humility and laughter. Cynthia embraces the mystery of life with playfulness, humor and compassion.

An Invitation
Remembering to Dance: Recovering the Lost Secret of Life
Those who embrace the dance of life, learn to integrate body mind heart and spirit, and find personal and social health. Cynthia surprises listeners by pointing out expertise they already have and how to increasingly tune in to the inner and outer dance of life. As Albert Einstein said,”We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears,we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.”

Spiritual Maturity/Life Purpose
Your Purpose Should You Choose to Accept It: Three Directives

Initiations await those on the spiritual path. In my case, a voice announced 3 directives that inform my life: Efficiency of Energy, Clarity of Vision, Courage to Love. I share the ups and downs of navigating higher instructions with additional Good News, “Nobody has to improve.” Bad news is, “If you believe that, you get the jetpacked version of purpose.” Look out.

Creativity and Spirituality
Lighting Candles on the Mystic Path
“In the lucky dark no light to guide, except for my heart this fire inside.”
The soul responds best in the candlelight of soft, indirect approaches. Follow me down the path our ancestors took by lighting the candles of voice, movement, telling tales, breath, touch, dreams, stillness, and daily noticing.

Spiritual Formation
Body and Soul; The Spirithouse
When did you last tell your story?” Indigenous elder.
An invitation to enter the Spirithouse, our bodies where there is room for faith and no faith, the simple and extraordinary, the recognizable and mysterious, the contemplative and flamboyant, the funny and sad. Learn new ways to listen in on sacred messages among us.

CPR for the Planet: Create, Play, Rest
Explore sustainable beahviors and how to create a sustainable lifestyle that goes beyong our wildest dreams by returning to what the body wants: 1) Create for self andothers, 2) Remember the way of Play  3) and Rest.

Spiritual Health
Three false myths about body and soul

1) We aren’t integrated, 2) Integrity means being ONE thing, and 3) Self-help and healing are the true path of soul. Explore how our body wisdom seeks to offer everyone the healthiest life possible.

Integrating Peace and Freedom
The Peace Tree

“The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” Revelations
The Tree of Life is a religious symbol and a biological reality that connects our common roots.  Take a tour of the tree in our bodies. Explore the meaning of care for the roots, strengthening the trunk, and supporting the movement of branches and hands/leaves to revitalize the Peace Tree that releases love’s oxygen to the world.

Ancestors and Spirituality
Stumped and Pruned: In search of spiritual roots
A personal tale of how honoring one’s ancestors can strengthen prosperity and spiritual alignment. Listeners explore why “honor your elders” is a golden rule, how physical patterns, preferences, and inherited talents connect us to our forebearers and how simple prayers and greetings offer energy, courage, and hope even when our family members are rascals.

The Race Dance
with Soyinka Rahim


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