Story Warrior Interviews with Interior Mythos Journeys

Something. Nothing. Maybe Everything. Wild Holy Power.
Leaping, Laughing, Dancing, Prancing, Fly Away!

Michael May and daughter Mary Ellen of Mythos Journey interviewed Phil and me before Michigan’s Secrets of InterPlay Untensive, then gave us access to all 11 modules of our interview as part of their StoryWarrior Project. Here are the videos and a list of what we talk about in each video.  Phil and I honor the eerie overlaps with these Hidden Monastery Hoosiers, as if we’d strangely made our way toward each other. 

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Susan Pudelek, gifted Inter-religious way-finder, InterPlay leader, and part of this Hidden Monastery was also interviewed by Mythos Journey. She works for the Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Archdiocese of Chicago and helped to bring Buddhist and Catholic Dialogue to the Vatican. Her Mythos Journey interviews are on point and beautiful. We have her to thank for connecting us.  (Thank you Susan!)

1-MODULE…..In Flow with the Animating Force, Entering the Body, The Motherboard of Experience

2-MODULE    Something Happens, Experiencing the “Something Bigger!” Tiptoeing Back In
…..Awakening Traditional Institutions, Awe–the Foundation of Community …..Something Good for the World

3-MODULE The InterPlay…..of Limits and Possibilities, Sneak Up on Mystery…..Easy Focus, Breathe A Little Bit Bigger, Should We Live in Reality?…..Life in the Friction

4-MODULE Where God Lives…..Tears, Laughter, and Play Spaces

5-MODULE Naming the Good We See…..Witnessing and Celebrating, Babbling for Big People
…..Finding Freedom in Words, Woo Hoo!…..Celebrating

6-MODULE “Me” as an Art Form…..Little Body, BIG Body

7-MODULE  Living the Open System…..Improvisational Rituals and Practices


8-MODULE The Story…..Creating the Connection, Start with the Details
…..Something Comes Up, Dancing Words…..Bearing the Weight, Opening to Mystery…..Play Provides Choice

9-MODULE In the Magic Shop…..the Physiology of Experience, Time Flies
…..the Experience of Timelessness, Can Anything Good Come from the Dance Department?
…..creating a Sense of FLOW, Sync Up!…..Science Discovers What Every Dancer and Athlete Knows

10-MODULE The Service of an Artist…..a Prophetic Gift, The Value of Plodding
…..Steadfast…..Steadfast…..Steadfast…..Was That an Accident?…..a Glimpse of Providence, Annointed by an Energy From Beyond…..There is a Fire

InterPlay Foundations and Future …..Ways to Love Each Other,
Exploring the Big Questions…..Physicality and The Deep,
Indiana Roots…..California Connections…..The Path West,
A Partnership is Born…..Three Became Two,
Finding Freedom Together…..a Lived Experience of Connection,
Combined Body Wisdom…..Claiming Diversity,
The Animating Connective Force…..Exploring the Language of Ultimate Meaning,
Love as a Practice…..The Force at the Center      


The Full Interview: In Flow With the Animating Force